FOLIO begins releasing Nolana

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With many libraries working perfectly with FOLIO and others actively being implemented, it continues to grow and adapt to the needs of libraries and consortia through platform releases like Nolana.

The FOLIO open source community has issued its 14th named release as the platform continues to add features and functionality to its Library Services Platform (LSP). Nolana releases include updates to existing apps and features such as Acquisition, Bulk Edit, and Electronic Resource Management (ERM).

The Nolana release provides platform enhancements that provide librarians with a better user experience on the FOLIO platform. Platform improvements include:

  • UX improvements for catalog creation, data import, and circulation (calendar app)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to preview fiscal year rollovers, generate new invoices from order records, download and resend EDIFACT order export files from the Export Manager app, and run a user interface to manage GOBI integrations
  • ERM: Enhancements include dashboard management and sharing capabilities, enhanced contract keyword search, contract line search and filtering capabilities, viewing alternate titles, and exporting package and title details via eholdings app. increase.
  • Enhanced bulk editing capabilities: Ability to bulk edit in-app user records, FOLIO holdings, and item loan types

Jesse Koennecke, Director of Acquisition and Electronic Resource Licensing Services at Cornell University and a member of the FOLIO Product Council, said the Nolana release is a stepping stone for FOLIO project members to improve the overall experience for libraries adopting FOLIO. He says it shows dedication. “With a number of libraries working perfectly with FOLIO and others actively being implemented, we continue to grow and adapt to the needs of the library and consortium through the releases of platforms like Nolana. Our platform releases contain features, many of which are not available in traditional ILS vendors, and are developed by librarians in the FOLIO community focused on improving library workflow and efficiency.”

Institutions have taken various paths when migrating to FOLIO, either fully implementing ERM (electronic resource management) capabilities before replacing their existing ILS, or leveraging FOLIO apps such as circulation and inventory. I was.

The library continues to implement the FOLIO LSP, allowing FOLIO developers to easily develop or replace their components with new releases as technology and requirements evolve. The next release is Orchid, scheduled for March 2023. Information about the FOLIO community and upcoming releases can be found at See the FOLIO Wiki for more details on the full list of improvements in the Nolana release.

About Folio

FOLIO is a collaborative effort between libraries, vendors, developers and consortia, and an open

Source technology and community-based efforts to redefine library services and innovate based on the future of libraries. By building what libraries need and leveraging the expertise of libraries and the capabilities and speed of vendors, FOLIO moves libraries forward, builds the services they provide and the role they play within their institutions. Designed to redefine. FOLIO also levels the playing field and makes open source technology accessible to all institutions, regardless of size or staff. FOLIO brings together vendors to innovate and host services for customers and bring open source as a service to libraries. To sign up to participate or receive more information, please visit


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Media Relations, Folio


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