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Politics is nuts than a jar full of goober.

You may be here today, go tomorrow, and maybe come back. It is a hotbed of mental illness. East His End District His Leader His Dr. Ralph Ford has had a distinguished professional career for this cause. He is a trained therapist. he pulls up a chair.

And it’s all about timing.

Ganim was more involved in this campaign cycle.

Four years ago, Senator Marilyn Moore prepared the ball to put Mayor Joe Gannim on the unemployment track. Given her optics, it was her race that she would lose: an incumbent out of the governor’s embarrassing run pitted against her legislative base qualified for potential reform.

A big part of Moore’s message was, “I’m not Joe Ghanim.” Moore and messaging are often as contentious as organizational skills. Ghanim did just enough to survive the primary to secure a solid victory in the general election. decreased to

For Moore, Round 2 has a different dynamic.

For some voters, the type of campaign you lead is representative of the type of city you run. A job in the state Senate, where there are many yes or no votes, is nothing like being a chief executive officer.

The major achievements of 2019 were big achievements for Ganim. He has eschewed the idea of ​​another public office to pay more attention to the mayoral job. We won’t raise taxes. Still, he’s no Rock for re-election.

In the process, Moore has been reluctant to position himself for another run, unless guided by a rekindling of the issue, nor to the loyalty of his followers in 2019, who wanted something different. I wasn’t loyal.

Her aloofness opened doors for others.

gomesfiling e1672857648508
John Gomez prepares paperwork to participate in the mayoral election.

John Gomez, who entered city hall in 2015 as a major supporter of Ghanim’s return as mayor, fell out with the mayor. It is the nature of the beast.

In 2022, Gomez lost his job in what was declared a restructuring. Gomez thought it was a political play. In December, he announced his candidacy for mayor, and in a month he shocked many by depositing $100,000 in the bank. Something like that stands out.

Additionally, Gomez provided support over the phone. Some of the people he chatted with supported Moore in 2019.

Kelvin Ayala has joined Team Gomes.

Example: Economic development consultant Kelvin Ayala’s family is deeply rooted in urban politics and manipulated votes for Moore in 2019.

No other Moor supporters have signed up for 2023.

Example: State Rep. Andre Baker donated $200 to the Preliminary Commission (now the Candidates Commission) run by former Finch administration official Ramond Daniels.

Another example: Former state legislator and two-time mayoral candidate Chris Caruso ran for Moore’s precinct office. Moore could not use her experience in her campaign to push her to the top. Caruso has yet to voice his support for any candidate, but it would be a blow for Moore, even if he doesn’t participate in this cycle.

Walker, Pereira, Bradley
2015, from left to right: Ben Walker, Maria Pereira and Dennis Bradley.

Then there’s Maria Pereira, a belligerent city councilor who endorsed Ganim in 2015 and divorced him shortly after he returned to office.

Pereira did not endorse Moore in the 2019 mayoral election. In fact, Moore didn’t bother to ask for her endorsement. This perhaps shows how the piranhas of urban politics crunch relationships.

Now, Pereira is not a fan of Gomez for one reason or another, but many operatives (calling John Rich, calling Maria Pires) who manage to maintain good manners with Pereira have called Gomez. I support you.

Can a deal be struck between Gómez and Pereira that would allow him to run for the school board candidate of her choice? I was there.

Returning to Moore, who struggled to find a treasurer for this run, but was victorious in accepting everyone’s favorite Black Rock librarian, the loyal soldier John Soltis. He was also close to the late Senator Ed Gomez, who had

Moore, who is far behind in fundraising, is sending out donation cards to fellow state legislators for early fundraising. Politics has a necessary insult.

Moore, who enjoys a state senator base, can’t take this cycle lightly, but one thing’s for sure: 2023 will have a very different dynamic than it did four years ago.

If she fails to do the necessary work to build coalitions and inspire others to do her way, watch out for more defections to Gomez or Daniels.

Campaign operatives look for a place to land.



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