Former Microsoft UX director ‘shocked’ by confusing Windows 11 Start menu experience


WIndows 11

There’s a lot to love and love about Windows 11, but there are also a lot of very divisive parts. Joining the discussion on Microsoft’s operating system direction is Jensen Harris, the company’s former Director of User Experience.

In a series of tweets, Harris said that Microsoft[スタート]They criticize the inclusion of banner ads in menus, the placement of obstacles in completing simple tasks, and various complaints about design choices. It will be a very interesting read.

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Harris begins by pointing out the obvious. Microsoft is famous for his Start menu, which in itself should be the pinnacle of the company’s design work. But a search for Chrome is disappointing.

Expanding on the interface, he continues to point out the problem of text and design inconsistencies.

Advertisement complaints are the next attack surface.

Harris continues to point out strange design choices and mistakes.

Former Microsoft UX designer[スタート]If you’d like to know what he thinks about the decision to move the menu to the center of the taskbar, Harris is happy to give his opinion.

It’s worth watching the full thread of tweets you can find here.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft seems to be paying attention. Within hours, Harris said on his Twitter that the company had taken steps to address his one of his complaints.


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