From genetics to a master’s degree in international management to great tech jobs

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at 23, caroline men He has already landed a role as a business analyst for Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Lazada in Bangkok.

But she wasn’t always Someone with a highly relevant degree like a Master’s Degree in International Management.

Meng attended University College London (UCL) with a degree in Human Sciences with a focus on Anthropology and Human Genetics.

It wasn’t until her internship experience and lab work at UCL that she realized research wasn’t for her.

she decided to move into the tech field A career path that allows her to combine both science and art.

Imperial College Business School is well known for innovation and science, so I decided that Imperial College Business School would be a good fit for this career goal,” said Meng.

MSc in International Management

Caroline chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Management because she felt it suited her with a scientific background.Source: Caroline Meng

MA in International Management from Imperial College Business School

Meng quit his MBA and MSc in International Management (Mim) “The breadth of the course allowed me to further explore my passions, strengths and weaknesses in all areas of business.”

Additionally, her background was in science.

As the name suggests, the program also had a lot of “international” aspects. Meng has been able to work with people from different countries and fields.she worked Also overseas case studies.

“One of the interesting projects that my group and I worked on was when the MiM program took us to Estonia,” she says.

“We were assigned to a start-up selling AI software that detects illegal trade activity. Our job was to select new countries to enter the business.”

Brilliant career prospects at home

After graduating, Meng returned to Bangkok to build his career. It was hard for him to find a job in London. She hoped that returning to Asia would give her “better opportunities”.

Additionally, she feels that Thailand offers ample career and personal opportunities for international graduates.

“Thailand’s startup scene is still in its infancy, but there are still many large companies that offer a variety of learning and self-development opportunities for graduates,” she says.

Meng is currently a Business Analyst on Lazada’s Strategy and Project Management Office team.

Her daily work includes conducting market research, working with product development teams to improve UX/UI design, and analyzing ways to improve the company’s e-wallet.

Her advice to anyone wanting to work in e-commerce as a business analyst is to fully understand the industry and the skills required. Be an attractive candidate for the role.


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