Get A $40 Microsoft Office 2021 Lifetime License Before This Deal Ends

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Only a few hours left for this hugely popular offer of $40 lifetime licenses of Microsoft Office 2021. It’s available for both Mac and Windows, so get the one that’s right for the computer you use regularly. The current $40 price is May 3rdTherefore, if you are interested, please order as soon as possible.

Microsoft Office is used by businesses, schools, and individuals around the world and is often considered the default when it comes to productivity apps. For example, Microsoft Word is the industry standard when it comes to word processing. And for spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel offers a higher level of functionality than is typically found in Google Sheets. There’s also Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations, Microsoft Outlook for email and scheduling, and Microsoft Access for database management (although the latter is only available for Windows). These apps have long been standard tools for home office productivity, but they aren’t always on your device, and if accessing them yourself is more expensive than you think. there is.

Assuming the barebones online freebie version of Office doesn’t work (see below), your options are basically to pay a monthly or yearly rolling fee for a Microsoft 365 subscription or buy a one-time Office license. Become. as much as $430 With a complete assortment of apps. But now StackSocial Microsoft Office 2021 Licenses as low as $40, about 88% off the regular price. Even better, this license is available for Windows or Mac and is a one-time purchase with no ongoing fees and unlimited access.

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StackSocial deals are a great bargain compared to online. Microsoft 365 Subscription Suite Starting at $7/month or $70/year for individuals.I have Free online version of Microsoft Office You can use it as well, but it’s not fully functional. (Apart from this — especially — Apple users know that Outlook Now a free app for Mac.)

Now, there are a few caveats to this good deal.First, this key is single computer, so I can’t install it on different machines at home. Also, if your current computer happens to die, you may run into problems trying to transfer. Likewise, we miss out on the other perks you get as a 365 subscriber. OneDrive cloud storage is not available. Also, new cloud-based AI features are not available, such as: Microsoft CopilotAnd while the app should continue to work as long as your computer does, Microsoft support for this version of Office will end on October 13, 2026.

One last point: even though this is listed as a “lifetime license”, i.e. for the lifetime of the computer you install it on, be aware that there is always the risk that Microsoft will terminate the license. But Stack’s version of the deal has been running for over a year. At this cost, it takes just over six months to get the full return on your investment compared to buying a subscription, so the risk factor isn’t too high here.


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