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Darwen, 27 September 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Darwen, United Kingdom

Get Pixabiz, a digital marketing agency serving the UK, is pleased to announce that they offer a range of website packages for different needs. They want to emphasize that sites can be built quickly and are affordable because they use a basic template structure and customize it for their specific business. Not only is the time significantly reduced, but it also means that the front-end design seen by your site visitors is both aesthetically and functionally superior. Therefore, the Pixabiz site is very suitable for: home sellers; small marketing budgets; Social marketers/influencers; secondary websites for SEO purposes; Third-party platform sellers who wish to sell on their site. portfolio websites; personal profile/resume websites; and dating sites.

Ismail Ougradar, owner of Get Pixabiz, said: responsible for the designer. Also, the owner of his website on Pixabiz will benefit greatly from being part of his website’s community from the very beginning of the business. Their website becomes part of the community and ranks highly on Google and search engines from day one. ”

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Get Pixabiz started receiving requests for its website during the pandemic due to the impact of Brexit and the current cost of living crisis, with people looking to find other forms of income. We provide assistance to these people who are , and enable them to start a business with a cheap small business website.

They offer various packages such as: pixivz Pro; pixivz Plus; and pixivz Platinum. The Pixabiz Lifetime package is now available for a £99 one-time payment. This package contains the website “built for you”. 12 months custom domain transfer. social promotion; SEO integration; and third-party integration.

The Pixabiz Pro package includes everything included in the Pixabiz Lifetime package plus: Option to have your own domain name. 2x email addresses; Optimized Google Business Profile. Premium widget templates; basic onsite local SEO; directory submissions 5x; social feeds to the site; Facebook and Google Pixel are now integrated. standard press releases; e-commerce; and/or appointment bookings. This package is available for a one-time payment of £199 plus £20 per month.

The Pixabiz Plus package includes everything in the Pixabiz Pro package plus: Site edits made for customers. A stacked website; monthly YouTube video “shorts”; Premium press release at launch. standard press releases; directory submissions 10x; his PPC campaign trials at the start. and products to your Google Merchant Services settings. This package is available for a one-time payment of £199 plus £50 per month.

The Pixabiz Platinum package includes everything in the Pixabiz Plus package plus access to a wide variety of software such as chat bot software, funnel builder software, reputation management software, membership site builder software, and more. This package is available for a one-time payment of £199 plus £100 per month.

Get Pixabiz is a UK digital marketing agency with over 17 years of experience in SEO, digital marketing and digital media services. They are ready to help small businesses with a range of tools and features. Get your business up and running quickly and enjoy the benefits of being part of a growing community of website owners. Requires a large amount of promotion to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines, such as through external backlinks. It takes time, effort and cost. The Pixabiz site helps you by providing a site that can use our ‘authority’ to build credibility and successfully ‘boost’ the search engines. By becoming a pixivz member, you can benefit from already established rankings. Once you have established your own traffic and rankings, we are happy to transfer your site to your own domain. ”

In need of an inexpensive website builder, business owners and managers can check out the Get Pixabiz website or contact them by phone or email.


For more information about Get Pixabiz, contact the company here.

Get Pixaviz
Ismail Ugradar
07535 346684



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