Greenwich woman charged with felony with ‘lethal weapon’

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GREENWICH — Police arrested a local woman on Tuesday for assault — her third arrest in months.

Cynthia Ferenc, 59, who previously lived on Greenwich’s Vinci Drive, is listed by authorities as a resident of Grenville, but on Tuesday police said she had killed another person “with a deadly weapon … seriously injuring her.” He was charged with a felony after stating that he assaulted him. According to police reports, the victim was over the age of 60. The type of weapon allegedly used in the assault was not disclosed by authorities.

Ferenc was first arrested on November 21 and within hours was charged with two misdemeanor counts.

According to police reports, Ferenc punched and kicked another person in his home. Reportedly, she was “distraught” when confronted by the officers and was unable to give a clear explanation as to why the police were called.

On the same day, officers were summoned to Greenwich Hospital “after reports that a patient assaulted a doctor” and she was again charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault. Police questioned her doctor, who said it was “inconceivable, given Ferenc’s mental state, that he intended to seriously harm her treating doctor,” the report said. says.

After being arrested on Tuesday, she was brought before a judge at the State Superior Court in Stamford on charges of assaulting a person over the age of 60. After her arrest, bail was initially set at $1 million. It was set in dollars.

At Ferenc’s arraignment Wednesday, Assistant State Attorney Sean McGuinness argued that the 59-year-old Greenwich woman should remain in custody with “substantial” ties, calling her “herself and hers.” a danger to the community of

In addition to safety concerns, McGuinness said there was a “serious concern” that Ferenc would not be able to return to court in the future if he posted bail.

Judge John Blawee, who presided over the arraignment, eventually lowered Ferenc’s bail from $1 million to $250,000, citing the “seriousness” of the charges.

“Had her aim been better, she might have been dealing with a murder case,” Brawwee said.

Blawee also ordered Ferenc to undergo a competence hearing before his next trial on March 28.

As of Thursday afternoon, Ferenc was still in state custody and was unable to post bail or bail, according to the judiciary’s website.

In addition to the recent incident, police had been to Ferenc’s Grenville home twenty years earlier.

In December 2003, Cynthia Ferenc’s brother Stephen Ferenc murdered his mother, Carol, at the scene of a stabbing, according to obituaries and public databases. Stephen Ferenc was later acquitted of murder charges due to his psychotic disorder and ordered to be confined to a safe mental health facility in Middletown for 40 years.

Carol Ferencz, 63, was a married mother of three who was working as a secretary when she died.


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