Here’s What The Original PSVR’s Designers Have To Say About PSVR 2

PSVR 1 vs PSVR 2


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Jed Ashforth contributed to the design of the first Playstation VR. He shares his thoughts on PSVR 2 in his 7,000-word review.

According to his Linkedin profile, Jed Ashforth has worked at Sony for nearly 12 years, was a founding member of the Playstation VR project, and was instrumental in identifying and realizing many aspects of the PSVR user experience, both in terms of hardware and software. played a central role. Ashforth said he left Sony in 2017 to start an XR consulting firm.

In March, Ashforth published a two-part article reflecting his thoughts on Playstation VR 2. very detailed review of user experience. However, it is not the final verdict.

According to Ashforth, the underlying software of the experience will continue to be updated to improve the user experience in the future, so a final evaluation is not possible.

Ashforth discusses Sony’s controversial audio solution.

For Ashforth, Playstation VR 2 is “[for the most part]a great step forward, but not without some issues and annoyances.”

He said the headset fit was a “mixed bag” and wished there was better messaging and education about fitting. much smaller sweet spot Manually calibrating your headset can sometimes feel like a “three-person job.”

He likens VR headsets to cars, and this is especially true for the Playstation VR 2. Keep spraying the screen spray every time you try to flash the lights,” he wrote.

Sony’s controversial decision Forget integrated speakers It’s something Ashforth thinks is “kind of smart.” He explains the omission as follows: We did some research and everyone wanted a headset that supported their cans and wireless earbuds. ”

He adds: “Sony’s latest Pulse audio headset is clearly designed to meet this need, and Sony wouldn’t mind further supporting sales there.”

His Verdict: Impressive Despite Some Minorities

Later in the article, Ashforth describes the onboarding experience, passthrough mode, and headset haptics, he calls it “another great addition to the hardware.” By the way, Sony did some research during the development of the first PlayStation VR to help reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.

He said VR headsets are expensive, but they hit that price point.

Ashforth concludes by writing: “PSVR1 has so many improvements that the migrating fanbase from that platform is Leap across generations In the features of the device, the controller and the overall user experience it provides. ”

Ashforth has even more to say about PSVR 2. Links to his articles can be found at the following sources:

All information about Sony’s VR headset can be found in our Playstation VR 2 review. PSVR 2 is currently only available from the PlayStation Store. It also requires a PlayStation 5.

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