Higher Education Institutions Continue to Choose BIO-key’s PortalGuard IDaaS Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Solution



Biokey International Co., Ltd.

Biokey International Co., Ltd.

WALL, N.J., Jan. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BIO-key International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKYI) announces workforce and customer identity and access management featuring Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB) An innovative provider of (IAM) solutions. ) announced today that four new higher education customers have migrated to his PortalGuard IDaaS® Cloud platform from an existing on-premises PortalGuard deployment.

Institutions include:

Cerritos College – Norwalk, California
Coastal Carolina Community College – Jacksonville, North Carolina
University of Mainland – Texas City, TX
Lassen Community College – Susanville, California

By migrating from on-premises to PortalGuard IDaaS, customers can reduce the hardware costs and resources of on-premises hosting while simplifying IAM and improving user experience. Enabling all users to access resources with her one identity means less friction, better security, stronger access control, and a quick, all-important productivity boost.

Higher education institutions hold large amounts of sensitive data that are increasingly accessed remotely, making them attractive and high-value targets for cybercriminals. This dynamic puts pressure on budgets and forces IT teams to adopt a more dynamic security response to cyberthreats. PortalGuard IDaaS offers greater flexibility and security options than competitive solutions, providing enterprise-grade protection to protect your applications and data from growing threats.

BIO-key – PortalGuard President Mark Cochran said: “Our robust PortalGuard IDaaS platform offers a secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution to meet these challenges. Our mission is to improve processes and security to ensure optimal end-user To provide our customers with a cost-effective IAM platform that delivers functionality for their experience.”

About BIO-key International, Inc. (
With over 20 years of expertise in delivering authentication technology to thousands of organizations and millions of users, BIO-key revolutionizes authentication with its biometric-centric multi-factor identity and access management (IAM) solution. I’m here. Secure access to devices, information, applications and high-value transactions. BIO-key’s patented software and hardware solutions, with industry-leading biometric capabilities, are available for large-scale on-premises and cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions, as well as customized enable enterprise solutions.

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