How much do you think Filipino students can earn?

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A report states that Filipino students expect an annual income of 495,966 pesos (about US$9,000).

The average annual income of Filipino college students is 495,966 pesos, only 1% higher than last year. In terms of specializations, engineering students expect the highest yearly income upon graduation at PHP 568,202, business students expect an annual income of PHP 483,520, and IT students expect an annual income of PHP 517,355.

However, there is a stark pay gap between men and women in Southeast Asian countries, with women expecting to earn 13% less than men on average.universes Most Attractive Employers in the Philippines According to the report, women expect an annual income of 468,575 pesos (+/- 8,572 USD), while the men surveyed expect an annual income of 538,555 pesos (+/- 9,852 USD).

Annual Universum report surveys over 9,000 students from over 50 universities across 130 disciplines to identify how talented individuals perceive employers in the Philippines Did. Beyond salary expectations, the survey also highlighted both the top employers and careers for young people entering the job market soon.

Overall, education is the top-ranked industry for students, with 24% of respondents citing it as their preferred choice. It was also #1 in the industry for both Filipino men (25%) and women (23%). Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (21%) and Advertising (21%) share the second and third positions in the overall ranking, followed by Tourism and Hospitality (19%) and Banking (18%).

Women in the study followed the overall trend, with Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (22%) and Advertising (22%) again in 2nd and 3rd place. Filipino boys bucked the trend with computer software and technology (21%) and video games (21%) as the top three.

Workplace preference, professional training and development, respect for employees, and a friendly work environment were the top three priorities when considering employers for soon-to-be job seekers in Philippine universities. The same three priorities remain top of mind in 2021. However, in 2020, the top three were professional training and development, higher future earnings, and a friendly work environment.


The report lists the most attractive employers in the Philippines for 2022 in various faculties. Technology giant Google has featured prominently in multiple industries and research areas, along with other notable companies such as Philippine Airlines, San Miguel Corporation, and Microsoft, which have appeared on multiple lists.

Business/Commerce 2022

Philippine Airlines regained the top spot in 2022 after being briefly overtaken by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in 2021. Google now ranks 3rd in 2021 after dropping his rank to 4th. Last year’s third-placed San Miguel Corporation dropped, and so did BDO Unibank.


Ayala Corporation (6th), Cebu Pacific (7th), Jollibee Foods Corporation (8th), Land Bank of the Philippines (9th), and Shopee (10th) are the most attractive employers for Filipino students We remained in the top 10. 2022.



For engineering, Google remained the top choice for students for three years in a row. Microsoft regained the No. 2 spot after dropping to his No. 3 spot in 2021, while Philippine Airlines moved from his No. 4 spot in 2021 to his No. 3 spot this year. The San Miguel Corporation has slipped from second place last year after being ranked fourth in 2022. Samsung is in the top five for the first time compared to 2021 and he is 2022.


Ayala Land, which ranked 4th and 5th in 2020 and 2021 respectively, has fallen to 6th place this year. Ayala Corporation ranked his 7th, while Megaworld Corporation (8th), Cebu Pacific (9th) and Energy Development Corporation (10th) were all ranked among the top 10 students.



The Department of Education (DepEd) was ranked as the top priority for the second year in a row. Tech giant Google, which maintained the top spot for humanities students in 2020 and dropped to his third spot in 2021, has rebounded until 2022 to take his second spot in preferred workplaces. ABS-CBN Corporation took his 3rd place in 2021 after his 2nd place, followed by Philippine Airlines with his 4th place in the top 5 for the past 3 years, and GMA Network his 3rd consecutive year. came in fifth place for him.


The United Nations has fallen from the top five to number six on the list after ranking fourth in 2020 and 2021. Other notable companies made the top 10, including Teach for the Philippines (7th), Civil Service Commission (8th), Shopee (9th) and Microsoft (10th).



Google and Microsoft each held the top two spots for the third consecutive year. This was followed by Accenture, who moved up one place to his third place in 2022, and Samsung, who dropped him to fourth place. After being his 4th place the first time in 2020, Inter finished his 5th place for the second time.


Amazon (6th), IBM (7th), Oracle (8th), Ubisoft (9th) and Shopee (10th) make up the rest of the top 10 for IT students.


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