How to Become a Web 3.0 Developer: Required Skills and Guides

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The popularity of blockchain-based platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has sparked interest in the potential of decentralized technology to underpin the next generation of Internet services collectively known as Web 3.0. It’s still early days, but visionaries see opportunities to transform industries as diverse as finance, gaming, and supply chains.

Cutting-edge technologies like smart contracts have the potential to change the very nature of business organizations themselves, through approaches like distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs), another fundamental component of Web 3.0. Here are some tips to help prepare developers to adopt these decentralized technologies.

What is a Web 3.0 developer?

A Web 3.0 developer is a computer programmer who has developed a basic understanding of computer distributed technology, data sharing, and distributed storage. A thorough knowledge of computer science and common programming languages ​​such as Rust, Java, and JavaScript is also required. They probably also understand certain decentralized technologies like the Ethereum blockchain and programming in Solidity.

They may also master specific parts of the distributed technology stack. Front-end developers can focus on creating user-facing, decentralized applications, blockchain dApps. Backend developers will be able to focus more on smart contracts by providing a secure virtual machine and securing communication between blockchains.

What Do Web 3.0 Developers Do?

In short, Web 3.0 developers create distributed applications. They often use application development tools for Web 2.0 (the current version of the World Wide Web). The main difference is that we need to understand how to connect application logic across dApps using different approaches to ensuring trust, automating logic, authenticating users and implementing business logic. That’s it.

Developers need to familiarize themselves with some of the key characteristics of Web 3.0 to create these apps. Abhishek Singhal, his director of managing Deloitte Consulting, says the power of Web 3.0 comes from the following characteristics:

  • A distributed web infrastructure creates new application workflows.
  • Data, content and platform ownership are managed differently.
  • Native digital payments can occur outside traditional financial platforms.
  • Self-sovereign identities enable new ways to manage identities.
  • Trustless, decentralized and robust infrastructure supports the new Zero Trust model.
  • An open, exposed and configurable backend allows developers to assemble their applications more efficiently.

How to become a Web 3.0 developer

Developers may wish to examine interoperability before considering a particular tool. Blockchain his vendor Mrinal Manohar, co-founder and CEO of Casper Labs, says interoperability is an area traditionally neglected by Web 3.0 tools. Most of them focused on integration within decentralized ecosystems without considering how to work with the existing technology stacks that power most business and Internet applications.

A recent Casper report on the state of enterprise blockchain found that 77% of global business leaders prioritize interoperability when adopting new technologies. Developers with a better understanding of how to bridge Web 3.0 apps and legacy infrastructure are well-positioned to help companies integrate into their existing apps and workflows, vendors argue. I’m here.

Skills Needed for Web 3.0 Developers

Manohar said he believes developers also want to learn the Rust language, which has emerged as an attractive and popular language for many Web 3.0 software programs. He also suggested checking out He WebAssembly (WASM), a commonly used portable virtual machine code format for achieving high performance and scalable web page applications. “This is not something most blockchains offer and it causes a lot of usability and performance issues,” he said. Blockchain platforms are now starting to add support for his WASM.

Thomas Aslanian, senior product manager at ImmutableX, a Web 3.0 gaming platform, says basic coding skills are a prerequisite to learning how to properly build smart contracts. It is also imperative to understand the limitations of these platforms from a computer science perspective.

New techniques are also needed to deliver the best user experience (UX) for decentralized apps. Some early apps were slow, buggy, and difficult to use. “In the world of network applications, which are mostly open source, the application with the best his UX will win,” he said.

According to Singhal, each developer’s learning path can be different based on their background. He suggested that everyone start with the basics and understand how they are connected.

  • What is blockchain? why do you need it how good? What are the different blockchains and how are they used?
  • What is a smart contract?
  • What is gas rate? How are those transactions recorded?
  • What are tokens such as ETH used for trading?
  • What are the reasons and techniques for implementing non-fungible tokens?
  • How do events, rollups, and indexing work in distributed applications?

Becoming a Web 3.0 developer is both a destination and a journey. The IT industry is looking for ways to take advantage of new architectures and tools.

In fact most of the tools are still under development. Every app must balance between new decentralized technologies like smart contracts built on Solidity and traditional web infrastructure.

It’s also worth considering how advances in new security and trust technologies complement the blockchain technology supported by Web 3.0 advocates. For example, Tim Berners-Lee, widely known as the founder of the web, advocates a non-blockchain data-sharing mechanism built on open-source solid standards. He founded his company, Inrupt, to sell tools for developing with Solid.

Choosing the right mix of technology stacks allows developers to strike the right balance between performance, scalability, security, and cost.


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