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Wix is ​​one of the most widely used website builders. There is fierce competition among the ranks of the best website builder platforms, but the service is incredibly easy and fast to use.

Quickly and easily create stunning, modern sites for desktop and mobile browsers. This is just one of the reasons why it ranks as one of the best website builders, whether it’s the best ecommerce website builder or the best small business website builder. , and one of the best web hosting services.

A step-by-step guide on how to create a website using Wix. Follow the steps below to create and publish a basic website using Wix’s powerful ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) web development software.

How to Create a Website with Wix: Preparation

Before you can work with your Wix site, you must first create an account. Go to and[開始]Just click Then enter your email address and a password of your choice.

You will then be sent an email to confirm your address. Go to your email inbox, open the email from Wix (check your spam folder),[今すぐメールを確認]Click to continue and log in to your account.

Step 1: Getting Started

Wix's user dashboard at the beginning of the site building process

To start creating your website,[Create New Site]Click.

Step 2: Choose a Site Purpose

Wix questions at the beginning of the site creation process

Wix comes loaded with dozens of website templates, each designed for a specific purpose. For example, the layout of an online store is different than the layout of a restaurant. Select the option that best suits the website you want to build and proceed to the next step. For this guide, we chose “Business”.

Step 3: Wix ADI or Wix Editor?

Wix Site Creation Platform Choices

There is a big difference between Wix ADI and Wix Editor. For this step, we recommend choosing Wix ADI to create the foundation of your website. The software does this by answering a few basic questions. This way, Wix does most of the work and later he can use the Wix editor to tweak specific details.

Step 4: Specify the desired site

Wix Questions About Site Types

In order for Wix to be able to offer you the best templates, we need to help Wix understand what kind of site you want. If the suggestions don’t meet your needs, search the type of website you want to see to see if there are better matches.

For example, if you run a dry cleaning service, search for “dry cleaning” and you’ll find matches. For this guide, we have selected “consulting firm”. After making your selections, click Next.

Step 5: Website Features

Wix Questions About Site Requirements

Here you can choose from several features to optimize the functionality of your website for your purposes. If you’re starting a blog, we recommend including an Instagram feed. If you own a restaurant, it’s a good idea to advertise your menu.

Click on all the features you want to include on your website, make sure they are checked and highlighted in blue,[次へ]Click to continue. Don’t worry, you can add functionality later if you want.

Step 6: Name Your Website

Wix Questions About Your Site Name

Enter the name you want to give your website,[次へ]Just click

Step 7: Import Content and Add Locations

Wix Questions About Importing Site Content

If you already have a website, this is your chance to import your old content. However, this guide assumes this is your first time.

If you’d like to add your Google location and let your site visitors know where you are, you can search for your address and add it to your site.[次へ]Click to continue or if this is not the case[スキップ]Click (as before).

Step 8: Enter your details

Wix Review and Editing Steps in the Site Building Process

Enter the contact details that you would like to promote on your site. If you have a logo to include, upload it too and it will appear in the template Wix creates. Click Next to continue.

Step 9: Choose a Theme

Choosing a Wix Theme

Select your favorite theme and click “Next”. Don’t forget that you can change the colors and fonts later if you want. In this example, we are using “Sophisticated”.

Step 10: Choose your homepage

Wix Homepage Design Choices

Now you can see that the website is starting to take shape.To select the homepage you like the most, hover over one of the options and click[このデザインを使用]A button appears. Click the button to continue. For this guide, we chose the middle option.

Step 11: Select Pages

Wix page selection options during the site building process

Now that you have your home page, you need to select the other pages you want to include in your site. Template designs are recommendations based on what you told Wix about the website you want to build.

If the page you need for your site isn’t listed as an option, you can add it later. To continue,[サイトの編集]Click.

Step 12: Start Editing

Using Wix's ADI Editor

Now that you have a foundation for your website, you can start editing. To do this, just click on the element you want to edit and a toolbar will appear on the left side of the screen.

From here, at the top of the toolbar[セクション デザイン]You can click to edit the content (i.e. correct the text, change the image) and play around with the design.

Step 13: Switch and Add Web Pages

Wix's site editor with page management options open

You’ll notice that in the upper left corner of the screen there is a button that indicates which page you are currently on. Click this button to edit an existing webpage or add a new webpage. Another toolbar will appear.

The toolbar lists all current web pages.Click the page you want to edit, or at the bottom of the toolbar[+ ページを追加]Click the button to create a new page.

Step 14: Add New Pages

Wix's site editor with page management options open

If you want to add a new page, you can find a long list of predesigned templates for specific purposes.There is also an option to add a “blank page” if you want to create something from scratch.

Step 15: Modify the Design

Wix editor showing change theme options

If you want to change the design of the site, at the top of the screen[デザイン]Hover over . From here you can change the theme, color scheme, text fonts, website animations, and page design.

Step 16: Publish Your Site

Wix editor interface with option to publish highlighted

Now that you’ve created a website that you’re happy with, it’s time to publish the upper right corner of the screen[公開]Click the button to publish your site.

Step 17: Choose Your Domain

Selecting a Wix Domain After Your Website Has Been Built

Now you have two options. You can create a free domain with Wix (eg or buy a custom his domain name (eg For the latter, you’ll also need to upgrade to a Premium Wix plan and purchase a domain.

Step 18: Publish

Wix site completion page

For now, you may be happy with your free website. This is a great option for testing your site’s functionality until you’re ready to spend the money on an upgrade. To publish,[公開して続行]Click to publish your site. If you later decide to upgrade to a customized domain, you can easily do so.

How to Create a Website with Wix: Summary

After reading this feature, you should have enough knowledge and skills to know how to create a website with Wix using our industry-leading platform.

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