How to take a good thirst trap in 2023

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of audience problem that too. “It’s not about getting heart-eyes from everyone,” Anderson said. “It’s about girls who admire your craft and your visual image.”

Each community has its own thirst trap language. 25-year-old New York-based actor Christian Heinemann told BuzzFeed News: social media scene Showing off your body is still very important for young gay men. “It’s no secret that in the gay community, your level of attractiveness is a kind of social currency.” For better or worse. I think I am presenting it in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

My friend Ola Amokomowo, who I’ve watched thirst traps evolve over the years, also said that identifying as a lesbian changed thirst traps a lot. I said I meant.

“At the time, TikTok lesbianism was codifying lesbianism into some tropes, so I was bigger and bald, so I took on the role I was supposed to play,” said Akomowo, 24. “My thirst traps were in no makeup, nicked eyebrows, and a clenched chin. Here my waist was snatched. But I think a lot of the time it’s more important to appeal to the female gaze than the male gaze. “


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