HOYA BIT App Officially Released, Delivering the Most Friendly User Experience with No Fees for All Transactions

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Best Price to Buy USDT in Taiwan and Invest in Cryptocurrencies without Burden

Taiwan – Media OutReach – April 18, 2023 – HOYA BIT app, Taiwan’s friendliest cryptocurrency exchange, launched on April 14th. Now available on both App Store and Google Play, it provides users with multiple channels for cryptocurrency trading, bringing a more convenient, intuitive and secure cryptocurrency trading experience. HOYA BIT, in commemoration of the release of the app, offers a two-month campaign with no fees for cryptocurrency trading and the best value for USDT purchases, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies at any time and make any investment. You can seize the opportunity.

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HOYA BIT is based on three core concepts: “intuitive and easy to use”, “stable earnings”, and “legal and compliant”. The main menu of the app is designed so that users can find all the functions in one click, from registration to identity verification in less than 5 minutes, easily operated with one hand. The asset interface is presented graphically, allowing users to manage their assets clearly and precisely.

Additionally, the app offers intuitive cryptocurrency stock quotes, allowing users to keep abreast of cryptocurrency market trends. A highly efficient cryptocurrency trading system allows users to experience the joy of instant trading. HOYA BIT is also preparing a financial strategy, which is also a major concern of investors. A simple process on the app allows you to enjoy the lazy investment philosophy of coin generation. Also, to keep users safe, the app has passwords for funds. When users make withdrawals or coin withdrawals, they have to enter their password for authentication. This multi-layered mechanism ensures the security of user assets and allows investors to use his HOYA BIT cryptocurrency exchange with peace of mind.

To celebrate the release of HOYA BIT APP on two platforms, HOYA BIT will launch a two-month celebration. From April 14th to June 14th, users trading cryptocurrencies on the HOYA BIT exchange will be free of fees. This means investors can trade at lower costs and manage costs more effectively without worrying about profits.

If you’re still waiting and not sure if you want to enter the cryptocurrency market, don’t miss this opportunity. HOYA BIT offers the highest USDT purchase price in Taiwan (1 Limited to 1,000,000 USDT per day). We sincerely look forward to hearing from all of you who have been patronizing the HOYA BIT.

HOYA BIT launched the app to celebrate with commission-free site-wide transactions and the best USDT price in Taiwan, hoping to attract more retail investors to trade cryptocurrencies. And we continue to keep our core concept, improve user experience, develop new features to make cryptocurrency trading more convenient and real-time for investors, and work hard to create a portal to the new financial world. Let’s go.

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