Husband of Jared Bridegan’s Ex-Wife Charged with Murder of Microsoft Exec

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At a press conference Thursday, Jared’s wife, Kristen Bridegan, said she felt “great relief” knowing Tenon and Fernandez Saldana were in prison and “no longer pose a threat” to her and her children. said.

“We’re still angry. We’re angry they walked free while Jared grappled with the reality that he wasn’t here for future memories, vacations, or tender moments with his children.” ‘ she said.

Prosecutors described the relationship between Gardner Fernandez and Jared as “controversial.” Even after the marriage was dissolved, divorce proceedings continued for years over issues such as financial support and child custody.

After Bridegan’s death, Gardner-Fernandez has also been the center of tabloid coverage speculating that divorce was a factor in the killing.

“Talk about invasion of privacy. They were worried that their images would be leaked, they were worried that people were following us.” Action News JAX June, five months after the death of her ex-husband.

She also told the outlet she didn’t know if the ambush was targeted and had nothing to do with her ex-husband’s death.

“I have no idea. I… like I said, we’re divorced,” she said at the time. All I know is that I don’t want anyone to go through this.”


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