I tried ear shiatsu for low back pain

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Ear sowing is the practice of sowing seeds from the ears, which has been practiced for over 2,000 years. Baccaria Plant at specific points inside and outside the ear. Today most practitioners use small metal beads attached to adhesive stickers.It’s a plus considering people can do the treatment at home. It’s based on The meridian (or channel) system of the body It’s like an energetic highway. In some cultures, the vital life force or qi (pronounced “chi”) that flows through these pathways is believed to be involved in the functioning of emotional and physical health.

You might dismiss this as just another wellness trend, but many studies show that if you sow seeds in your ears, reduce pain intensityimprove daily functioning and reduce use of pain relievers such as opioids among people with a variety of conditions cancer-related fatigue, knee osteoarthritis, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, constipation, chronic headache, brain injurymore.

Ear acupuncture (focusing on the same points as acupressure) has been found to induce changes in brain activityaccording to at least two small studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging, provide evidence for a ‘body-ear-brain somatic regional connection’.

From a Western medicine perspective, these brain changes may alter the way the central nervous system processes pain, boosting the release of natural pain-relieving endorphins. gate control theoryAcupressure on specific points “sends pleasurable impulses to the brain four times faster than painful stimuli,” he says.

As a health reporter, I started my ear seed journey with a fair amount of skepticism. Most of the studies on auricular acupressure have been randomized controlled clinical trials, the “gold standard” of scientific research design, and have small sample sizes. Still, they included a control group that received a “sham” treatment and excluded people receiving other treatments to determine the true impact of ear seeding on pain relief.

However, according to Gudrun Snyder, who holds a doctorate in acupuncture and owns the therapy, the evidence behind the treatment’s mechanisms and benefits is still limited. moon rabbitis a Chicago-based clinic that offers oriental medicine treatments and sells ear seed kits. Snyder told me that little research has been done on ear seeding because Western medicine is reluctant to welcome it fully, and much of the research that exists has not yet been translated into English.

Social media may be changing that. The hashtag #earseeds has 130 million views on TikTok. their schedule Get seeds placed by experts and record yourself paste them at home.

“Acupuncture and acupressure are becoming more widely accepted and, finally, more research is being done to demonstrate the reliability behind our medicines.” People come to my clinic asking for ear seeds and wanting to know about the scientific benefits.”

I asked Dr. Ellen Rosenquist, a physician specializing in pain management at the Cleveland Clinic, for her opinion on ear seeding. She said she recommends it for most pain conditions.

“Since the entire body is above the ear, almost any pain condition could potentially be treated using auricular pressure points,” Rosenquist wrote in an email. “Ear seeding is as effective as traditional acupuncture and may be a better option in some cases.”

Rosenquist added that this type of treatment should “absolutely” be considered before more invasive or side-effect-prone treatments, depending on the condition involved.

How did my ear seeding treatment for back pain work

I have been dealing with a hip injury since December. So I couldn’t sit for long periods of time, exercise at my best, or even load the dishwasher at times without feeling a dull, energy-sucking pain.

I got a set of ear seeds to try, but they usually cost about $45 for a kit with about 40 seeds and tweezers.Before the first treatment, I ear seed map I cleaned my ears with alcohol to figure out where to put them. Using tweezers, he placed one seed in each ear at the waist-related pressure points and stress and concentration points, for a total of six seeds. (Stimulating one point does not undo the effect of another, even if they are nearby.) Then I applied pressure to each seed with my fingers for about 30 seconds.

Within 5 minutes, the ear seeds for dealing with back pain became so sensitive that it resembled the feeling of a fresh piercing. The pain was so bad that I had a really hard time sleeping or wearing headphones.

I got over the discomfort for two more days until I had to remove them.My ears were too sensitive. Even laughing hurts. Other spots on the ear were painful but manageable. And to my surprise, even after washing my hair, exercising, and sleeping, the seeds did not lose their stickiness.

Snyder said all my experiences were normal and indicated that my back was injured to some degree. “The points we need the most are the ones that are most uncomfortable and can get worse before they get better on the healing journey,” she said.

In a 2013 study, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh tested a four-week ear seed treatment on 19 people with chronic back pain (10 in the experimental group, 9 in the sham group). Those who received treatment 70% reduction in worst pain intensity Overall pain intensity decreased by 75%. These benefits persisted when they returned for a 1-month follow-up. In contrast, people in the sham group experienced an 18% reduction in worst pain and a 29% improvement in overall pain severity. Participants in both groups reported ear sensitivity and pain, itching and sleep disturbance. However, they said the discomfort was tolerable compared to back pain.

To be honest, it was hard to tell if the ear seeds really worked. She also receives acupuncture and physical therapy twice a week, and full-body stretching daily. That said, I don’t find immediate pain relief when I apply the seeds, but I believe the seeds have helped reduce the pain and fatigue I usually feel after an acupuncture or physical therapy session. I don’t usually have serious problems with it, but I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Ear seeds are technically an adjunctive treatment. That said, it’s best used in combination with other treatments. “If you have chronic pain or trouble sleeping for years, ear seeds may help, but it’s best to look for other remedies.

After a two-day break, I sowed a new seed in the same spot. I had painful hypersensitivity in both ears almost instantly but have been able to handle it well. I have been wearing them for 4 days now and the pain has decreased over time (Sleep is still awkward.) I haven’t seen any change in the pain in my lower back yet, but I may need more time with the seeds.

Some studies show people can experience Pain relief in 1-2 minutes Snyder says it can take up to two weeks for some people to feel a difference. “Use them as little or as little as you feel comfortable with. You can take breaks to avoid overstimulation, but everyone is different,” she said.

For the most part ear seeds are easy to use and side effects are rare. Possibly. Plus, virtually anyone can use them.

But there are always exceptions.

For example, I applied extra seeds to random spots on my ears to make them cute (some seeds have Swarovski crystals on them, so they look like earrings). Shortly thereafter, I began to feel physiological cramps. I was neither menstruating nor ovulating. I didn’t immediately blame the seeds until later that night when the spasms intensified. However, the spasms disappeared within five minutes and never returned.

Placing the ear seeds at random points “can have unintended side effects,” says Snyder. That said, the chances of having such a strong reaction are extremely low. A low-level stimulus applied to the ear usually evokes a low-level response. ”

Or could you imagine everything? Many people believe that the benefits associated with traditional Chinese medicine are based on a placebo effect. Mitigation is probably ” [my] Head. “(In fact, acupuncture has so far been the only treatment that provides enough relief to go about without pain.”) Not all doctors agree. Rosenquist told me he didn’t think the placebo effect was the reason he felt better after ear acupressure.

Even so, Snyder says, it’s worth a try, especially given how expensive medical care is. “If it’s low cost, you enjoy it, and you have little to no side effects, if it improves your pain, why not do it? Whether it’s a placebo or a real scientific Whether it’s the mechanism or not, I think it’s still worth it.” (Snyder doesn’t believe the placebo effect is at work either.)

The term “placebo” used to have a much more negative connotation, but Western medicine is becoming more receptive to the concept, Snyder said. The placebo effect is now recognized as a powerful treatment in its own right, and speaks to the importance of the mind-body connection.

As a moderate science-driven person health concernsI always want to try less invasive treatments before more invasive medications or injections that can cause unintended side effects. Wanted me to inject steroids into the vertebrae. Please stop trying the treatment again.

If you want to try these for pain relief or for other reasons, here are some tips for seeding your ears.

  • It was difficult to see the inside of the ear when attaching the seeds, so I recommend having someone else attach the seeds. You can also have it applied by a professional.
  • Remember, Mr. Snyder, you get what you pay for. Ear seeds that look cheaper than others may have weaker adhesives or contain fake metals that can irritate your skin.
  • Try to keep the seeds in your ears for at least a month to see if they work. If acupressure points are overstimulated, take the necessary breaks between each treatment session.


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