If Apple wants to make monitors people buy, it needs to embrace OLED

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According to many reports and rumors, Apple will soon shift its external monitor lineup from LCD and Mini LED displays to OLED displays.

There’s been a lot of whispering on the topic, but a report from Omdia’s analysts gives a hint of the company’s long-term plans.according to reportApple is developing 32-inch and 42-inch monitors, both with OLED screens.

If the road map provided by Omedia’s analysts is correct, we’ll see an update to the external display, but not for a while. Currently, Apple 27 inch studio display and the 32″ Pro Display XDR, neither feature Mini LED or OLED technology. Analysts at Omedia point out that Apple’s long-term game plan includes two external displays, 32-inch and 42-inch, to be released in 2027.

The company plans to almost completely phase out LCDs and mini LEDs in mobile devices by 2026.

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