Instagram Removes ‘Shop’ Tab, Revamps UI For Better User Experience

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Instagram removes 'Shop' tab and revamps UI for better user experience (Image: Instagram)
Instagram removes ‘Shop’ tab and revamps UI for better user experience (Image: Instagram)

Delhi : In February, users will see a major UI change on Instagram. Social media platforms primarily enhance Instagram navigation to facilitate user communication and sharing. As part of this streamlined in-app navigation,[投稿を作成]The button returns to the top of the primary navigation bar and[ショップ]Tabs have been completely removed.

The update comes after Instagram began testing a redesign last year, especially around September.

The now-famous Reels button has been replaced by the Shop tab, losing its prominent position at the top and center of the navigation bar. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, a platform overhaul will make it even more streamlined.[ホーム]A tab will appear followed by[検索]appears with a button to add content in the middle. To its right are the Reels and Profile tabs.

The button to create a post is Instagram’s[リール]Since moving the tab there, it has been moved back to the center of the navigation bar in response to the controversy surrounding it. In 2020, Instagram claimed that doing so would give consumers easier access to the company’s “growing product portfolio.” However, several well-known users have criticized the popular photo-sharing site for pushing reels too aggressively.

For example, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner urged Instagram to “stop trying to be like TikTok” and “make Instagram back to Instagram.” Jenner uploaded the image and Kardashian repeated the same idea in his story. This happened after the platform suggested adding a fullscreen experience that allowed videos and larger images.

Luckily, Instagram is still where people do business and shop. Users and brands can continue to set up and run Instagram stores on the platform, the company claims. An article posted on the company’s website said it continues to invest in “shopping experiences that deliver the greatest value to consumers and businesses through feeds, stories, reels, advertising and more.”


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