JavaScript enthusiasts: there’s a new Philadelphia meetup focused on front-end development

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Two Philadelphia techies are behind a JavaScript meetup a few months ago that focused on the excitement of front-end development.

development lead Joe Woods senior software engineer Matt Brophy launched Philadelphia JavaScript Clubstay alive slack And at IRL meetups around town.Woods was a fan of previous iterations PhillyJS,I failed.

“I reached out to Matt Brophy. He asked on phillyjs if someone was trying to start a meetup. ‘, said Woods.

That was in May, according to the developer, but now the group meets once a month. This is a small group of developers of varying skill levels. Some are “experts” at their job, others are just getting started. They can chat about anything, but mostly focus on front-end development using JavaScript. Attendees will also host show-and-tell sessions about the projects they are working on.

Most of the attendees write JavaScript on a daily basis, but some do not use it on a regular basis. A common theme is a love of language and the opportunities it brings.

The Philadelphia JavaScript Club last met on September 8th. You can expect to meet once a month.

Woods said he has no obvious preference for JavaScript. (Like many other developers, he is one of the most popular. stack overflow.) This is because over time the language has evolved to become an expressive language that is easy to learn yet capable of diving into highly specialized and complex implementations, he said. rice field.

“But you can’t talk about JavaScript without talking about web browsers. Some people may complain about how we write code for the web, and some of those complaints may be true. ‘ he said. “But there’s something really magical about how we’ve made it so easy to get the finished product in front of people.”

Woods isn’t sure if JavaScript is more popular in Philadelphia than in other tech hubs, but “I think the city and the companies that call it home are doing just as well. ”

You can join our meetup group by connecting on Slack. Also, if you have any comments about software trends in your area, please send them to em:

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