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PNG Education Mission 2023

April 11, 2023

Austrade is seeking expressions of interest from Australian universities wishing to participate in the 2023 PNG Education Mission.

PNG’s educational mission is for Australian universities to visit Papua New Guinea and meet in Port Moresby with privately financed international students, corporate sector and shortlisted Australian Award candidates. The alumni function coincides with his PNG educational mission in Port Moresby.

Papua New Guinea is a developing market with growing demand for quality education in Australia. Demand is driven by proximity to Australia, shared history and the quality of Australia’s educational offerings. Additionally, new projects demand a wide range of skills that the business community needs to empower its workforce.

According to MIP Orbis, education export revenue from PNG was $76 million, with an average investment of $79,167 per student.

To register your interest, please contact Patrick Ani. April 30, 2023.


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