JEOL: Released the high-precision, high-resolution FIB-SEM system “JIB-PS500i”

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Tokyo – (business wire)–JEOL Ltd. (TOKYO:6951) (President Izumi Oi) announced that it will release the FIB-SEM system “JIB-PS500i” on February 1, 2023.

With the miniaturization of advanced materials and the increasing complexity of processes, higher resolution and accuracy are required for evaluation techniques such as morphological observation and elemental analysis. “Higher precision” and “thinner samples” are required for preparation of transmission electron microscope (TEM) samples in the semiconductor industry, batteries, and materials fields.

In order to meet these needs, this product is a device that combines a FIB (Focused Ion Beam) device capable of high-precision processing and a high-resolution SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope).

Major features

  1. The FIB column enables processing with a high-current Ga ion beam up to 100nA. High-current processing is particularly effective in preparing cross-sectional samples for large-area imaging and analysis. Also, the FIB column has a short working distance. Along with the newly developed power supply, the processing performance at low acceleration voltage has been greatly improved.

  2. A newly developed superconical lens system is mounted on the SEM barrel, greatly improving image resolution at low accelerating voltages. This excellent imaging is very helpful in confirming the milling status of the endpoints of lamellar specimens using SEM.

  3. The JIB-PS500i uses a large sample chamber and a newly developed sample stage to expand the movable range of the stage and handle large samples.

    In addition, the newly developed STEM detector, which can be used with the stage tilted 90 degrees, enables seamless transition from TEM sample preparation to STEM observation.

  4. The operation GUI uses the popular “SEM Center” of the JSM-IT800 series of high-resolution scanning electron microscopes, and achieves complete integration with EDS analysis.

  5. A double-tilt cartridge and dedicated TEM holder facilitates sample transfer between the TEM and FIB for more precise alignment.

Sales target

50 units/year

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3-1-2 Musashino, Akishima City, Tokyo 196-8558

Representative Director and President Izumi Oi

(Securities code: 6951 Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market)


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