JUCE – The ultimate charging solution with cutting-edge technology to improve user experience and provide new marketing opportunities

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JUCE - The ultimate charging solution with cutting-edge technology for enhanced user experience and new marketing opportunities

JUCE, an innovative technology company, is expanding nationwide with its state-of-the-art portable charging rental kiosks with digital signage, offering unparalleled convenience and marketing opportunities to a wide range of locations. The company’s advanced solutions revolutionize the charging industry and boast compatibility with over 1000 devices.

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JUCE offers a safe and convenient alternative to public charging stations and cables that are susceptible to hacking. JUCE rents and provides portable, tamper-proof power banks, allowing users to charge their devices on the go. These power banks come with an all-in-one charger for safe and fast charging without the risk of hacking.

JUCE charging kiosks are designed to accommodate a variety of venues such as shopping centers, airports, hotels, conference centers and sports arenas. Sleek, easy-to-use kiosks provide quick and safe charging capabilities for smartphones and other electronic devices, helping customers stay connected wherever they go.

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Available for rent and purchase, JUCE’s innovative charging solutions feature custom branding, built-in cables for a variety of devices, fast charging, and wireless and wired options.

Available for Android and iOS, the JUCE app allows users to rent and return powerbanks, participate in custom market research collections, and locate JUCE venues on a map.

As a hardware and SAAS company, JUCE also offers a comprehensive suite of tools through partner portals, advertising platforms, and kiosk management systems. These features provide streamlined administration, project management, security, and real-time analytics, making it easier to manage and monitor JEUCE kiosks and usage.

JUCE is committed to staying ahead of the curve by continuously improving its products and services to exceed customer expectations. The company is actively investing in research and development and plans to introduce new features and improvements to the kiosk in the coming months.

With its advanced technology, superior customer service, and customizable branding options, JUCE is poised to dominate the portable charging rental market.

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About Juice:

JUCE is a leading company specializing in portable charging solutions for a wide range of venues. With advanced charging kiosks featuring integrated digital signage, JUCE offers businesses an unmatched combination of convenience and advertising opportunities, revolutionizing the way they deliver charging services to their customers.

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