Juno Temple and Brett Goldstein explain Roy and Keeley’s ‘heartbreaking’ breakup

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Their personality differences brought them together and helped them thrive, but it’s those similarities that ultimately set them apart. I restructured my career to run a business. Roy, on the other hand, was intent on leading his Richmond team to success and beating rivals his side West Ham.

“Some people say that when your personal life is going well, your job is usually going to be tough and vice versa,” Temple told BuzzFeed News. “It’s heartbreaking and complicated, but at the same time, she has to focus on other things, and so does he.”

In Episode 2 of Season 3, Roy tells Ted and Trent Crim (James Lance) that part of him regrets leaving the Chelsea team. He regretted leaving Chelsea a few years later when he became a star player before joining AFC Richmond. Football is a clear metaphor for his relationship with Keely.

“What I understand about Roy is that he was a man who repressed his feelings all his life. all come forward, but he has no way of controlling them,” Goldstein said, calling Roy “self-destructive” for defending himself on the field and in personal relationships. “It’s the first time he’s put something out there and I think he’s feeling panic and embarrassment and worthless.”

Unlike the split between Ted and his wife Michelle (Andrea Anders), or between Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and her husband Rupert (Anthony Head), neither one feels as strongly about the other. Cause Roy and Keely still love each other as much as they did when they were together. Of course, this makes their split even more tragic.

“I think they both really wanted each other to grow up and find their footing,” Temple said. I think that there.”

It’s unclear if the two will finally get back to each other, but both Goldstein and Temple are excited to see their characters thrive on their own.


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