Knowbl Case Study with Insightrade: No Training Required. –

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Above: Opus Conversational Cloud Conference 2022 session, “Knowbl Case Study: No Training Required!”

Michael Cruden sees an opportunity to solve the problem of information overload in the global retail trade market. We built Insightrade, our network. Partnering with Knowbl has enabled Cruden’s team to rapidly deploy 600 supported intents and transactional experiences leveraging a transformer-based language model.

As announced at Opus Research’s Conversational Cloud Conference 2002 in New Orleans, along with the founders of Knowbl and Insightrade, the new Transformers-based product will lead cryptocurrency companies to hundreds of intents in a matter of days. Participate in case studies. Can this fresh approach to “easy intentions” usher in a new era of speed, ease of use and scalability? A step towards conversational commerce that you will never look back on.

Michael Cruden, COO, Insightrade
Matt Taylor, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Knowbl
Dr. Parker Hill, Knowbl Co-Founder and CTO

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