Law Debenture plc : LawDeb’s Corporate Secretarial Services Team enhances support for clients in regulated industries

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LawDeb Corporate Secretarial Services (CSS) announces the appointment of Patrick Davis to its Board of Directors. He has a particular focus on providing board and committee governance to clients in financial services and other regulated sectors.

Patrick brings extensive listing, regulatory and compliance advisory capabilities to the growing team. This benefits clients dealing with increasingly complex governance challenges and regulatory engagements, including, for example, those related to expert (s.166) review and information. request. His technical skills, market knowledge, and experience help identify innovative solutions that have a significant impact on clients.

LawDeb recognizes that there is significant demand for both interim support and outsourcing across all secretarial and governance services, and Patrick’s appointment not only strengthens CSS’s senior team, but also strengthens the team’s next steps. Support Trish Houston, Head of CSS, through the stages. of growth.


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