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They can’t let anyone do the show.

It used to be flooded with broadcasts on CBS promoting stars who were scheduled to appear at the Grammys. Not this year. Because most superstars don’t commit!

because they don’t need it.

Yes the script was reversed. Previously, she was a star who needed a show for exposure. Fans of mostly young acts currently dominating the Spotify charts (ignore “Billboard”, this is manipulated and inaccurate. Only for the industry and the zany press outlets that print it ) do not watch network TV. And sure, they don’t want to stare at commercials. Suppose, but usually it’s not, which means you have to visit the network’s home page, find the clip, click to see the ad, and… why bother). And the truth is, videos of today’s acts are flooding online.

Artists were spending big bucks on producing shows (or labels…). It’s a waste of money now. I’ve learned that late-night TV appearances don’t move the needle.Now I know that awards shows with tank ratings don’t either, so why bother making an appearance!

This hodgepodge of the Grammys alienating artists… well, that’s true, but it’s not the main reason the act isn’t performing, it just doesn’t benefit their careers. Have you ever You think it’s a slam dunk, good charity, this or that, but it’s almost impossible to get them unless you’re personally related/involved. They don’t see the gains, and they’re all time-challenged, and unless you pay… yes, the standard price for privates these days is $1.5 million, up from $1 million. And true superstars make millions. And do you want to show them for free? It doesn’t happen.

I mean, if CBS was going to pay for the act…

it’s not in the budget.

As for the budget…that’s how the Academy makes nuts every year through CBS’s payment for the show. It’s been a while, but for an update…

So the boys’ club’s recording academy imploded, and no one there saw it, even though everyone outside did.

Women…Corporations are bending backwards to deploy and promote women. What does the Academy do? Hire a woman and fire her. Because she wanted change too soon! Do you think the old people have forgotten? And the youngsters didn’t care about the Academy and its fake awards show anyway.As for the trophies…remember who won? Looks were everything. Trophies only matter to niche artists who put it on their resume.True stars don’t show Grammys. I see their fellow artists letting them down!

But at least music still has its true stars. When it comes to movies and TV, they are soulless commoners.

It’s not that I didn’t see the train go down the tracks. In general, the reputation of the network will be degraded. Young people who do not listen to terrestrial radio. Streaming is king (every member of the Academy is against streaming, and I won’t bother going into economics, but on Spotify, everyone can see how poor streaming is). Evolve or die. And the Academy, and the antique and minor acts that rule it, want to live in the past. cannot be applied?

And music is inherently organization-averse. That’s what makes music so powerful. it’s anti No specific criteria. So do you want to break the rules of society, break the rules of society, then conform and sleep with these overlords? i don’t think so.

It’s not just the Grammy Awards. It’s not just the awards ceremony. It’s been over 20 years since Napster. Young people don’t know or care what happened before the 90’s. They don’t even have his CD player. Music is plentiful, but not in short supply. And why would anyone steal music when a month he can get it all for $10?

The music moves so fast and the self-proclaimed academy is so slow.

You can point out how you’re trying to save them, but they deserve to die.


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