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This is not a social media issue, it’s an authoritarian issue. This is what happens when one person has too much power and uses it recklessly. I support them.

Yes, Elon Musk is now a right-wing hero. This is a head scratcher of sorts, as his reputation was that of a hero on the left, namely Tesla. That’s right, from the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal to lawmakers to ordinary citizens, the right is anti-electric vehicles. The hoaxed scientific explanation, the defense of the oil industry, the refusal to accept change, and fundamentally have to do with freedom. Yes, the freedom to drive a gas guzzler.

and freedom of speech. It’s the right-wing frustration with his Twitter that it’s biased left-wing, even though statistics show otherwise. As for Hunter Biden’s laptop… I’m not going to walk into this quagmire, but assuming everything they say is true, what does it have to do with Joe Biden? Or Donald Trump is immune to his kids and the activities of his real estate empire, but Joe Biden, a civil servant with only a fraction of the cash, is responsible for everything every relative has ever done do you owe

It makes no sense. don’t try to analyze.

But it’s rank and file. Here we are talking about Elon Musk.

he is a millionaire Can we stop talking about him slipping from No. 1 to No. 2? Isn’t that like saying Scarlett Johansson and other legendary beauties have acne? I mean what a difference it makes, they are still very attractive. And Elon Musk is still very wealthy.? And in this country we adore money and looks. Hell, that’s another thing Elon Musk does. He criticizes people’s attractiveness and weight, even though they’re shown to be less than perfect specimens in their bathing suits.

But it wasn’t just the physical address, he called the cave rescuers pedophiles.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one to skate legally. Musk has yet to be indicted for failing to publicly announce that Twitter ownership exceeded his 5%. We are also working to have his previous SEC restrictions lifted.

In other words, if you’re rich and have enough power in America, the rules don’t apply. This has been the case for many years, but never before have people been so wealthy and powerful. In addition, a significant percentage of rich ranks and fileroots believe that they too will become rich one day. And for the same reasons, like tax cuts, they vote for policies for the rich. Never mind the power of the rich to sway public sentiment. The rich are the shadow government. It is hidden in an inconspicuous place. They are the rock stars of modern life. A theoretical musician rock star? They will do anything for money. Music is just the starting point for getting rich. The goal is to become a brand. I don’t have enough money to make music. Can you say Rihanna? On the other hand, these dodos are often uneducated and enter other fields where they do not need to be educated, so they understand that the essence of music is the ability to speak truth to power. not. Rupert Murdoch isn’t in it for the money, he’s in it to sway not only public opinion, but the course of the country itself. That’s the power of owning ink.

Anyway, Musk is so wealthy that he could buy Twitter outright. He could have one person own what looked like a public institution that was not accountable to anyone. That’s right, there are no guardrails on Twitter. And Musk keeps saying one thing and doing another. Hours after saying he wouldn’t ban reporters, he did.

Part of his justification is to protect his family. Well, this is proof of the lack of privacy we all experience. That means his family was in danger, there were certain events. But either way, Musk is consolidating power. He cannot be put in danger. Like an authoritarian dictator like Putin. Or the right-wing hero, Orban. and other totalitarian rulers. It’s their world and we just live in it.

And Twitter is so big and powerful that it cannot be replaced at this time. This is online history, and no platform has ever been wrecked by protests or account cancellations. There could be competitors in theory, but look at Truth Social.

Meanwhile, the press continues to report on Musk’s antics and nothing changes.

In truth, Musk would oppose the new EU rules…but in America, we are told we live in the greatest country in the world, most of the population have never been anywhere else, The EU is looked down on. It’s Brexit on steroids here in the good old America.

Worse, Musk has the right to do all of this. Yes he owns his Twitter. This is a privately held company and you can ban whoever you want. Another headache is knowing that free speech doesn’t apply to private companies, just as concertgoers don’t understand that all ticket fees aren’t paid to Ticketmaster. There is no right to be stupid. Facts don’t matter today, feelings matter. And surprisingly, the sentiment on the right is that Musk is up against a big bad government. It’s the same government that stormed Florida to help DeSantis after the hurricane, even though he’s a Republican.

The government is no match for masks. he’s not afraid of it And Washington, DC has traffic jams, so no penalty is possible. Half of an elected official’s only goal is to prevent his opponent from advancing. A crackdown on Mr. Musk would provoke public outcry.

In fact, most people don’t care about Twitter, but the social network is where journalists themselves hang out and where news is first created and distributed. So Twitter articles never leave the newspaper. This is the poultry house where journalists live. And they are used to speaking truth to power. That’s why you become a reporter. And now you can’t speak at all!

This is a dry run of what can be done. This is what it would look like if Trump were re-elected and became president again. One person who acts on a whim and doesn’t hold anyone accountable, even if the supposed rules say otherwise.

This is scary I think Kanye is nonsense, but he doesn’t own his Spotify.

This is happening right before your eyes. And many Americans are as down to earth as they were during the Holocaust and the Ukraine War…they think it’s not affecting them. But eventually they will chase you.

Who controls the news controls the country. And now Elon Musk controls the news. Possibly on an open platform.

You can tell everyone to cancel their account, but as I said above this will not be done and there will be no change.

No, our only hope is a paralyzed government.

As for billionaires… this is the legacy of Ronald Reagan. low tax. Is it dripping? Is Elon Musk Giving You His Money? The rich donate less to charity than the poor.

No one should be that rich. Absolutely no one. That wealth distorts not only the economy, but also public life.

And now I’m alienating a good chunk of my readers. No matter what he does, they stand by Musk. it’s a religion.

And although I speak the truth, many do not. They fear it will affect their wallets. Older people like David Crosby speak their truth and don’t care about the repercussions, but what about the younger generation? That’s why I don’t have a . You don’t count unless you are willing to stand up for your beliefs.

There will be more news. Musk can even revive these reporters’ accounts. But the wait just brings more pranks. The mask has a big blind spot. If someone is wealthy, they think they know everything and have skills in other areas, but this is clearly not true.

And don’t tell me about the last election and the red wave’s defeat. Rust never sleeps and authoritarianism is gaining momentum around the world. People want someone who can keep trains running on time and give them the illusion of being under control. And once that person gains control, they never give it up.

Please note. I think this is just the beginning, but it’s been going on for decades. The freedom that many want is actually control. They want you to have no voice and ultimately no power. afterwards…


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