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“Zach Bryan/The Burn, Burn, Burn Tour Announcement”:

And we thought it was all a fee…

But it turns out it’s about process and transparency.

The public doesn’t understand ticketing, and neither does the government. And that’s exactly how the music business wants it.

Pre-sales, holdbacks, platinum…and general sales could mean fewer than 1000 tickets are available at the arena.

There is a fee for Zach Bryan tickets. $10 to $20. And honestly, it’s not cheap. But you know what they are.Don’t be surprised by insane numbers when you check out on ticket sites.

Zach cannot remove fees. It’s the promoter’s interest, the building gets a piece, and of course the ticket companies get a piece too…because the act takes all the rest. Commissions were created to establish piles of money that deeds could not commission.

And the ticketing companies that don’t get all the fees as mentioned above are being paid to take the heat, so the act looks good. Or it will need to be rebuilt and please negotiate with your agent to do this.

That’s the fee.

But what are the odds of getting a ticket?

Come on, you must know someone. Otherwise it sits on the rafters even if you are in a building.

Except platinum, what was called platinum anyway. Platinum was directly in front of the floor or an adjacent log. And you paid extra for being close. But now Platinum also includes good seats elsewhere in the building. People don’t know what’s going on because the water is murky. And these platinum tickets are flex-priced, such as they might be listed for $150, but a computer or person decides the demand is high and he makes it $250. It’s like the land rush of the Old West. Gentlemen, start your engines and be ready at your computer at 10am. Good luck! Wall Street traders pay millions of dollars to establish the most direct communication network, allowing them to trade as fast as a millisecond. Good luck competing against scalpers who buy tickets every day. Whatever you do with your fingers, a programmed machine can do it faster.

So everyone crowds in at once, clogging the system. This is why Zach Bryan’s ticket…

If you register in advance, it will take you over a week to do this.

And here is the new wrinkle. You must provide a credit card attached to your name and AXS will charge $1 to verify your authenticity.

Oh, and of course you get your dollars back. It will be deducted from the final ticket price or refunded if no tickets are available.

So, just not being able to use your email address will clog your work. I need to prove that the credit card is genuine. And the list is combed again for obvious hoaxes. AXS acquires legitimate customers who are ready to purchase tickets. Are some of them scalpers? Yes, nothing is perfect, but we are hampered here.

Potential ticket buyers are then randomly selected and sent an email telling them they can buy at a specific time.

You get windows, you know that up front. And whether you show up and buy a ticket. Promoters who have used this process in the past typically create 2 hour tranches. The first group can start buying at 10. Next time, from noon and so on, until tickets are sold out.

For some reason, not everyone who registers for a ticket ultimately decides to purchase a ticket. So even if the window is late, you may still be able to get your ticket.

And…you can’t resell tickets for profit.

You can resell it on the AXS site at the same price, but you cannot lift it up.

For those not in business, I have to tell you that there is a rolling barcode. So not only are today’s numbers not tomorrow’s numbers, they won’t necessarily be the same within an hour.

Tickets are therefore associated with the name of the purchaser. Suppose one person buys 4 tickets for her. In short, all four must show up and enter the building together. inconvenience? yes. But what we’re talking about here is excess demand and little supply. In this situation you always have to go through hurdles. Whether it’s waiting in front of a computer or standing in a physical line, it’s never been easier.

And the scalper who bought 4 tickets… shows up with 3 guys who charged $1000 each, lets them in, then walks out on his own, burns 1 ticket, but big You can profit.

So what Zack is accomplishing here is increasing the odds of a genuine fan getting a ticket at a fair price. Does this mean they get tickets? Absolutely not!

Ordinary people are more of a ticket sales weakness than scalpers. The public wants to scalp their ticket. The public believes they should be able to get a front row seat for a cheap price.The fans believe they are entitled to enter the building. it’s their right. And Zack’s ticketing procedures mean fans could end up SOL outside the building on concert night. The public wants fairness, but they don’t want fairness either. Everyone wants supremacy, many believe they are entitled to it, and Zach’s process limits this.

It also prevents computer failures. Not all tickets are available at the same time, and people who don’t plan to buy tickets can’t play.

Come on, technology has its limits. Even Facebook, Spotify, and Verizon go down occasionally. Try using Apple’s site right after a new product is announced, not just with errors. Slow oh oh oh oh oh oh

Even if the technology works well, not everything can be rendered instantly and perfectly. But by slowing down the process, AXS ensures that the chances of a technician being overwhelmed are nearly impossible.

Again, you can beat the masses and watch the video above to get almost all of this. But people are complaining online for not watching the video. Like someone who doesn’t bother to read the manual. Is it Zach Bryan’s fault? You can’t make everyone happy. That’s a false target. Plus, his 10% of the public is literally crazy. You can’t make them happy unless Zach comes to their house and plays for free.

But unless you’re in the concert business or a fan of Zach Bryan, all of the above is probably news to you.

Welcome to modern times.Not only is it nearly impossible to disseminate information, but you may be less than a household name and boffo with bo.

Yes, the goal is not to reach everyone, just those who are interested. Advertise cars to kids without a driver’s license and hope their parents are watching with them , an old shotgun model on network TV? Interested people only beware. Additionally, silencing someone you don’t care about creates anger and resentment that is very difficult to overcome. !

Ticketmaster is…

Well, Ticketmaster can replicate what AXS did for Zach Bryan, but ticketing companies only do what the deed wants. Not all acts are guaranteed to sell out. Not all acts want to keep prices low. Some acts are very interested in publicity and want to surprise a lot of people right away… I don’t know exactly who they are, but everyone inside knows the truth. discounted his music on the iTunes Store and told fans to buy it, and the track charted. Think people don’t know this? When it comes to impressing fans, they’re already impressed and usually nobody else cares.

So I went into the Vail condo office and got something, and they were surprised to see my Eric Clapton jacket. Merchandise, tickets and business perks. Every business has perks. And Major Domo, who is in his 50s, said about Zach Bryan that Red wants to see him at The Rocks, that the whole family loves Zach, not just him and his wife, but his boyfriend. with three children of

I was stunned.

I used to do a radio show in Vail. He knows I make a living and he has never shown any interest in today’s music. none. Also, he is not very interested in old music.

I fell to the floor. How did Zach reach out to these people?He wasn’t at the Super Bowl or on his front page in the newspaper. He’s got mild hits, but where are people listening to these tracks? No one I know listens to terrestrial radio. They can’t handle commercials and repetition. How did he and his family get the word?

It’s the power of great music to tell the truth about life, written and performed by artists you can trust. What do you think?

treat them right.


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