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Today in South Africa, the Japanese giant owns this landscape. The majority of passenger car applications are hybrid products, and the same is true of its more urban sister brand, the Lexus UX 250h.

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Unsurprisingly, when the UX compact crossover (the smallest Lexus) debuted in 2019, it had the option of an electrically assisted petrol powertrain. However, 4 years. In this era of technology transition, mobility is a lifetime value from an evolutionary perspective. Meanwhile, OEMs are racking their brains as they decide what the next generation of fuel sources will look like, while active safety and in-car digitized entertainment are on the ring.

For example, as a mid-life upgrade, the UX 250h was recently refreshed to include a large 12-inch infotainment screen, cloud-based navigation with real-time traffic updates, and Apple Carplay/Android Auto. You can communicate wirelessly. That’s why we need to include a pair of USB-C charging points under the dashboard.

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The introduction of touchscreen tablets manipulated the on-screen cursor that previous generations of UX were equipped with (try it while you’re navigating the surface of a washboard) Lexus’ very unwieldy and clickable It marks a welcome departure from the trackpad. others. Killing the makeshift mouse cleared the transmission tunnel and made room for the seat ventilation (heating and cooling) controls and the EV-only mode button. The drive and traction mode selectors still aren’t as elegant as a pair of loudspeakers, as turn dials on either side of the top of the instrument binnacle.

The UX line-up has been further expanded with the additional entry of the flagship F-Sport derivative (R958 100) in bi-tone colours. It comes equipped with a full active safety suite, which basically consists of a pre-crash system, lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control, which bookends the range starting with the entry-level 250h EX R808 600 . Adaptive suspension is also standard on both F Sport models.

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Drones from the engine at high revs are likewise, as the engine and drivetrain are unchanged, and are compromised by CVT slack (which, if not forced, behaves tolerably). On the other hand, his understeer-prone UX is lower than rivals such as the Volvo XC40. So it rolls less, but when the curve approaches, it lags far behind the BMW X1/X2 and the only other hybrid, the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

However, on the showroom floor, UX’s biggest competitors are not the dealers on the other side, but within the family. The top-spec Toyota RAV4 VX is bigger, has the same safety gear, and can also have stronger hybrid propulsion and his AWD. Cheaper than the cheapest Lexus UX.

The power of the incumbent is a mighty sword. Obviously, you can also disconnect in two ways. T.His baby Lexus gets a lot of tech treats. A pristine hybrid and his CVT reaffirms that it is better suited for Silicon Valley than Silverstone.


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