Lindsey Graham Is ‘Very Much Open’ to Sending U.S. Forces to Taiwan



  • On “Fox News Sunday” Senator Lindsey Graham said he’d be open to sending US troops to defend Taiwan.
  • The GOP Senator warned that China appears to be preparing to create a blockade around the island nation.
  • Warning of Russian and Chinese expansionism, he said the US needs to “up our game.”

Senator Lindsey Graham on Easter Sunday struck a somber tone in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” warning of Russian and Chinese expansionism and saying the United States needs to “up our game” in preparation for global military moves coming this year.

Graham, a GOP Senator from South Carolina, said the problem is “Putin and it’s Xi,” referring to the leaders of Russia and China, who he says are emboldened by the United States’ botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021

“I think they’re setting the stage possibly for a blockade of Taiwan, that the Communist Chinese party is going to test us dramatically this year and next year before the election,” Graham told the outlet. “In 1961, the Russians tried to isolate West Berlin. So I’m fearful that the Chinese may be setting conditions to blockade Taiwan in the coming months or weeks, and we need to respond forcefully if they do that.”

That force, Graham said, should include aggressively training Taiwanese forces “so they can fight like Ukrainians,” putting nuclear-tipped missiles back in our submarines, sending F-16 jets to the country, and, if need be, troops to defend the island nation.

“I’d be very much open to using US forces to defend Taiwan because it’s in our national security interest to do so,” Graham said, citing the large supply of high-end microchips created in Taiwan and the risk of allowing China to take control of the technology.

He added: “I would up our game — and if you don’t up your game now you are gonna have a war.”

While some Republican politicians have criticized the United States’ ongoing support of the Ukrainian war effort, Graham has maintained his support of providing military and humanitarian aid, even proposing the White House ramp up hostilities against Russian forces. He has been described by many as a war hawk.

Representatives for Graham did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.


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