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The Amazon Pet Day deals are live and so are we! Amazon’s dedicated annual pet sale is a 48-hour smorgasbord of discounts aimed at our hairy, scaly, and furry friends. As with any Amazon sale, it can be hard work trying to filter out the genuine bargains and quality items amongst the thousands of discounts buried on the site. 

We can help though, our team of pet-loving deal hunters is combing through various categories to help recommend the best Amazon Pet Day deals. If we wouldn’t buy it for a pet of our own, we won’t recommend you do either. Expect big price drops on food, treats, pet care, litter, vacuum cleaners, trackers, pet cams, bedding, toys, and much more.

Directly below, you’ll find links to various categories if you’d like to dive in and have a browse yourself. Further down the page, is our live blog where we’ll be adding fresh highlights throughout the next two days.



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