Man acquitted of throwing can of beer at Ted Cruz

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Arcidiacono, 33, was initially charged with “aggravated assault with a lethal weapon” and handed over what appeared to be an unopened white claw to a senator as he waved to a crowd lining Smith Street. was posted on $40,000 bail after throwing two cans of After the incident HPD announced on Twitter Cruz was hit in the chest and neck area, but did not require medical attention, and Arcidiacono was arrested.

While in custody, Arcidiacono allegedly told officers, “I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.”

According to Arcidiacono’s attorney, the defendant’s “dream” is to have Astros players chug beer from coolers during parades, and many athletes have been known to do so. Similarly, he claimed to be about to throw a can at Cruz, hoping he would open it and swallow it down. A casual underhand toss is recommended.)

Arcidiacono’s attorney said in a statement, “Many generous, joyful, half-silly, and legendary moments happened during the Astros’ championship parade. It’s widely known. The statement also apologized to Cruz and finally called for “reprieve” and the dismissal of the charges.

Cruz largely brushed off the incident by joking about Arcidiacono’s weak throw. “As always, we thank Houston and Capitol Police for their swift action,” Cruz said in a statement. I am grateful.”


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