Mayor’s Money Race – Ganim, Gomez, Daniels – Bridgeport® Only



Ghanim is on track to procure what he needs to make his case.

In the race for breast milk in politics, Mayor Joe Gannim’s re-election campaign raised about $235,000, while closest opponents John Gomez raised $100,000 and Ramond Daniels $26,000. That’s a bright start, given that former Finch administration officials did this with a cap of $375 during the exploratory phase, according to a campaign finance report filed with City Hall on behalf of the final quarter of 2022. and personal donations.

For a full Candidates Committee, $1,000 is the maximum contribution.

Ganim’s numbers are expected given his funding history and incumbent power. He’s steadily racking up the funds he needs to claim four more years. Gomez’s numbers have remained surprisingly stable during the holidays, considering he tallied it all in December.

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Gomez’ amazing fundraising power.

In politics strength begets strength. Gomez is now well positioned to raise additional funding based on this performance and build a profile with Democratic voters.

A former employee of the Ganim government, Gomez has the support of many operatives who supported Ganim’s return as mayor in 2015. For example, John Rich, former Director of Public Facilities, and Raoul Lafite, former Director of Transportation for the School Board.

View John Gomez’s financial report

Gomez’s fundraising prowess could hinder state senator Marilyn Moore’s ability to raise money if she joins the expected race, as the opposition garners support from anti-Ganim donors. There is a nature. Some donors spread it, but the majority side with horses deemed most viable for the incumbent.

In one month, Gomez raised more than half of the loot it took Moore to raise in an eight-month campaign when Moore gave incumbent Ghanim his first scare in 2019. Moore has an advantage by bringing a support base from Senate constituencies. But if she’s a mess, as her campaign was approaching in 2019, Gomez and Daniels could be viable alternatives to Anti-Cloud.

lamonddaniels 1
Lamond Daniels got off to a solid start with a preliminary investment.

And if the relatively unknown Daniels competes with Moore to raise money in the first quarter of this year, he will be recognized as Ganim’s primary opponent before Gomez’s participation in the race and subsequent financing. Moore’s position, which had been, could mean a breather.

See Lamond Daniels financial report.

Applications for the first quarter of 2023 will be submitted in April.

Ganim fundraiser cover. (Awaiting full report.)



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