Microsoft enhances user experience with Windows 11 ‘smart opt-out’ and improved emergency notifications

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Microsoft improves user experience with Windows 11 smart opt-out and improved emergency notifications

Windows 11. (Image credit: Microsoft)

This new feature will help users better organize their overall notifications and focus on important alerts

microsoft We are introducing new features to Windows 11 called “Smart Opt-out” Address the issue of unnecessary notifications. Notifications from multiple apps and websites can distract many users and interfere with work and other activities. To improve the user experience, Microsoft is taking some new steps to reduce notification spam.

The “Smart Opt-Out” feature is designed to minimize unnecessary notifications by recognizing apps that you use infrequently and recommending that you disable notifications from them. This makes it easier for users to organize their overall notifications and focus on important alerts.

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This new feature improves the Windows 11 user experience and doesn’t interfere with alerts from frequently used apps, so users don’t miss important notifications.

In addition to the new notification control features, Microsoft is also working to allow bypassing of the Focus Assist feature for better handling of important notifications from first and third party apps (HOW TO USE IT?). The app sends a notification requesting to “Allow Important Notifications”. This allows you to receive high priority notifications even in DND mode.

Smart opt-out functionality will be available in the coming months with a new configuration update for Windows 11. These new tweaks are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience, with a focus on reducing distractions and allowing users to focus more on their work and other tasks. .

On the other hand, the existing “Focus Assist” feature in Windows 11 allows you to keep notifications from popping up on your screen when you don’t need them. Here’s how to enable it:

  • go to setting.
  • select system.
  • on the right focus assist page.
  • choose focus assist option.
  • Select one of the following modes to enable or disable this feature: Off/Priority Only/Alarm Only


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