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HYDERABAD: Finance Minister T Harish Rao has again called on the central government to release Rs 495.2 crore of Central Sponsorship Scheme (CSS) funds that have been ‘misplaced’ in Andhra Pradesh.

In a letter to Federal Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday, the minister said that in 2014-15, the first year of the formation of the state, a share of the Center on CSS implemented in Telangana was released to Andhra Pradesh by oversight. said it was. Although the share of the center in proportion to the population he was distributed between the two states. His 449.52 crore grant by Telangana was mistakenly released to Andhra Pradesh, he said in the letter.

“The Telangana Government has made numerous requests to the Center, the AP Government and the Accountant General to adjust Telangana’s fair share of CSS matching grants. I appreciate your personal intervention in this matter,” he added.


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