Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes secures OpenStack and improves user experience



MOSK 23.1 includes significant security improvements and an onboarding tutorial

CAMPBELL, CA April 25, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enabling developers to create the most valuable code, Mirantis today announced Mirantis OpenStack on Kubernetes (MOSK ) has released the latest version.

OpenStack is the world’s leading open source private cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) framework that provides a feature-rich and mature environment for hosting virtual machines, networking, and storage. MOSK brings virtual infrastructure to the cloud native world, providing an easy-to-use virtualization platform built on Kubernetes for optimal flexibility and resilience.

MOSK 23.1 includes several important security improvements to help minimize the risk of data breaches and other security threats. These improvements include the ability for administrators to restrict her OpenStack superusers to their own projects, rotate passwords to minimize exposure to compromised passwords, and encrypt internal communications. . Other notable features are:

  • With full Tungsten Fabric support, users can take advantage of advanced networking features such as load balancing with the OpenStack Octavia load balancer.

  • Improve your user experience with tutorials and sample applications to help you onboard.

  • Customization options for OpenStack deployments for more technical users. You can tailor the platform to your specific needs and preferences, making it more efficient and effective for your particular use case.

“MOSK is a powerful cloud computing platform that gives organizations the flexibility, scalability and security they need to meet the challenges of today’s digital landscape,” said Artem Andreev, Product Manager at Mirantis. I’m here. “By simplifying the deployment and management of OpenStack and Kubernetes, MOSK frees up developers to focus on creating the most valuable code, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and innovate in the marketplace. , allows us to improve our ability to compete.”

Learn more about this latest Mirantis OpenStack on Kubernetes in this blog post.

About Mirantis

Mirantis helps organizations release code faster in public and private clouds, and increases developer productivity by removing the stress of managing infrastructure. The company combines intelligent automation with cloud-native expertise to deliver his ZeroOps approach to managing and operating Kubernetes and cloud environments. Mirantis delivers a public cloud experience on any infrastructure, from the data center to the edge. It offers one cohesive cloud experience for full app and DevOps portability, a single pane of glass, and automated full-stack lifecycle management, all based on open source.

Mirantis serves many of the world’s leading companies including Adobe, DocuSign, Inmarsat, PayPal, Reliance Jio, Societe Generale, Splunk and S&P Global. For more information, please visit

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