Most CSS candidates are from Lahore

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Islamabad: Lahore tops the list with the most qualified candidates in the 2021 Civil Senior Service (CSS) written exam, followed by Islamabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi.

A total of 39,650 candidates applied for the competitive exam, according to a Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) report available at The News. The written exam was administered by he FPSC from 18th February 2021 to 26th February 2021 in 19 cities across Pakistan.

A total of 17,240 (43%) candidates appeared on the written exam. The results he announced on September 30, 2021 showed that only 2.11pc candidates passed the exam.

The highest number of applicants who attended and passed the written exam were from Lahore. A total of 10,083 candidates registered for the exam, 4,509 took the exam, and 159 were declared successful.

The second highest number of students passing the competitive exams in 2021 were from the federal capital, Islamabad. 3,007 people took the exam and 6,580 registered for the exam.

Karachi students remain in 3rd place in qualifying for the 2021 CSS written exam. The total number of candidates registered for the exam was 3,942 for him, 1,742 appeared for the exam, and only 33 for her were declared successful.

From Rawalpindi, a total of 2,564 candidates registered for the written exam, 1,122 showed up and only 21 passed the exam. From Peshawar, a total of 19 candidates passed his 2021 competitive exams, with 1,548 appearances and a total of 4,027 applicants.

There were 18 candidates from Hyderabad, for a total of 901 entries and 2,031 applications. A total of 1,563 candidates from Multan registered for the exam. Only 673 turned up and 17 were declared successful.

Faisalabad and Gujranwala each have 12 candidates passed the competitive exams for 2021. A total of 701 candidates took the exam from Faisalabad and 901 from Hyderabad. A total of 10 candidates passed his 2021 CSS written exam from Bahawalpur with a total of 694 registries and her 277 candidates.

Of the 396 candidates who took the exam, 8 candidates got their qualifications from Sargodha. From Sukkur, he had only 4 candidates pass the exam, while a total of 312 candidates from the district participated in the exam. Three candidates from Dera Ghazi Khan qualified, for a total of 133 candidates. Dera Ismail Khan, Abbottabad and Quetta each had two candidates who passed the exam, yielding 142, 461 and 468 candidates respectively.

Only one candidate passed the exam in Gilgit and Larkana respectively, but the numbers of candidates from these cities were 61 and 157 respectively. There were no qualified candidates from Muzaffarabad, where a total of 77 candidates appeared for the exam.


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