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Nicole Kidman once said we come to the cinema for magic: Laugh, cry, and care. What she may have forgotten to mention is that she wants the experience to be as cost-effective as it is magical.

At some point in the not too distant future, you could watch a movie for as low as $10 a month in almost any theater at any time. What could be more magical than that? If you’re an avid movie buff who loves the flexibility of visiting different locations, the 2017 MoviePass subscription was completely cheap and much loved.

But behind the scenes at the company wasn’t all that great.gone Bankruptcy in 2020, but its fortunes may be on the upswing. The company plans to resume the subscription service this summer, but no date has been announced.

Significant changes to services and stiff competition are expected. When MoviePass returns to the market, it will once again compete with his two main subscription plans, AMC Stubs A-List and Regal Unlimited. We have others, too. Cinemark and Alamo Drafthouse Cinemaplan.

Still, MoviePass, AMC Stubs A-List, and Regal Unlimited are arguably the best-known subscription services. It’s really up to the moviegoer and their movie-watching needs to decide which is best. As such, below we analyze the prices and advantages of the three major players.

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The waiting list for the new MoviePass has closed, but public access will continue in time for launch.

MoviePass CEO and co-founder Stacy Spikes told BuzzFeed News that the company is introducing new business models that include partnerships with various movie theaters. However, from now on, a credit system will be adopted, and the fee will differ depending on the screening date and time.

Spikes said the company plans to test four price points with different theater location restrictions. In most cases, three tiers will be available. Participating sites A fourth ‘Pro’ tier is only available in select markets that have not yet been announced.

Members purchase credits to watch movies based on the hours and days watched. For example, a weekend night showing costs more credits than a Wednesday morning movie.

The four tiers and monthly fees are:


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