Moving Analytics Launches Single Sign-On to Enhance Data Security and Improve User Experience

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irvine, california, January 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Moving Analytics, a leading provider of virtual cardiac rehabilitation and prevention, has announced the launch of single sign-on authentication across its software platform.

This means clinician users will need to obtain a set of login credentials from their host corporate institution in order to access the Moving Analytics suite of applications.

“Our single sign-on feature enhances the security of patient data, which is one of our top priorities. Sakuya, CTO, Moving Analytics. “The implementation of SSO has enhanced our ability to meet the needs of our enterprise clients.”

The benefits are many and include:

    • Increased Clinician Productivity: Instead of remembering and managing multiple login credentials, clinicians enter a single username and password. This streamlined process allows users to log in quickly and move on to more important work.
    • Improved security: When users try to remember multiple usernames and passwords, it becomes easier to reuse passwords or write down passwords and store them insecurely. Single sign-on reduces these risks and protects your data with one strong password.
    • Better user experience: Logging into different applications and accounts can be frustrating. With single sign-on, the login process is a simple experience and you don’t have to worry about forgetting or resetting multiple passwords.

Harsh Vathsangam, CEO of Moving Analytics, said: “This feature is just one of many exciting features he has planned to accomplish that mission.”

About Moving Analytics

Moving Analytics is the leading national telemedicine provider of remote cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular prophylaxis programs. The company combines evidence-based guidelines, behavioral science, telemonitoring and telemedicine coaching to help patients adopt heart-healthy lifestyles and improve their health.Mobile Analytics developed the program in partnership with Stanford University, based on over 30 years of published research. Patients who participated in the Moving Analytics program exercised more, had better medication adherence, had lower blood pressure, lower rates of depression and anxiety, and lower rates of readmission. Moving Analytics works with leading healthcare organizations such as Veterans Affairs Administration, Healthcare Services Corporation, Highmark Health Plan, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan and Mayo Clinic.


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