Near Protocol opens doors for JavaScript developers with SDK release

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Layer 1 blockchain protocol NEAR announced the release of its JavaScript Software Development Kit (JS SDK) at its ETHToronto Hackathon on Monday.

According to a press release obtained by CryptoSlate, the NEAR JS SDK will allow JavaScript developers to connect to the network without learning a second language.

Currently, most DApps are built using Solidity and Rust, presenting a steep learning curve for many developers.

The founder of NEAR Illia Polosukhin said in announcing the launch:

“Developers can spend less time learning new languages ​​and more time developing. Millions of developers already know how to program in JavaScript.

Enabling this group to build new applications on NEAR is an important step in achieving our vision of 1 billion users interacting with NEAR. ”

A JS SDK implemented in TypeScript will now be available alongside NEAR’s Rust SDK, allowing developers to use their preferred language.

Close to building a convenient environment for developers

Ease of use continues to be a major issue hindering Web3 adoption. To achieve this, developers need the simplest possible environment so that they can build user-centric products.

Since most protocols are for Solidity or Rust developers, NEAR tries to harmonize the experience for developers. With NEAR, developers can start writing contracts in a familiar language such as his Rust. AssemblyScript, or JavaScript.

As a partitioned network, the protocol is built to dynamically adjust based on user demand. This mechanism relieves developers of the stress of migrating to a new network as the use of DApps increases. Because it is a sharded network, transactions can be processed faster and at higher volume while maintaining network security.

Near also offers courses and tools to help developers learn and get started building on the network with the programming they love. Developers are also provided with a portion of the transaction fees incurred by the contract.

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