New Adobe PDF WordPress Plugin Significantly Improves User Experience

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Adobe has released the PDF Embed WordPress plugin, providing additional ways to view PDFs online, making PDFs user-friendly, interactive, and useful.

A new plugin makes PDFs easier to use on the web and offers four different ways to view your files without the hassle.

Adobe’s plugin page in the official WordPress plugin repository explains:

“Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer is a free plugin that makes it easy to embed high-fidelity PDF views into posts and pages with collaboration, security, and analytics.

It offers the highest quality PDF rendering available and streamlines the user experience with digital collaboration with custom viewer modes and annotation tools. Extend your viewer with PDF usage analytics to understand how users are interacting with your documents. ”

Adobe PDFs on the web

The strength of PDF (Portable Document Format) is that it is platform and OS independent.

Adobe PDF documents can be viewed regardless of whether users are using Apple, Linux, Windows, Chrome, or Android devices.

The downside of PDF documents is that you have to download them and open them in another app.

Anyone who has tried to read a restaurant’s menu online knows how annoying it can be to wait for downloads and waiting for the app to launch in order to view the menu.

PDFs are everywhere, but they seem to be almost universally hated because of their inherent difficulty in using them.

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Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer Plugin for WordPress

Adobe has announced a new WordPress plugin that allows WordPress publishers to view PDF documents online in four different ways.

There are also configurable options to turn on features such as allowing or disallowing downloads and printing.

4 PDF viewer options

lightbox modal
This will display the document inside a modal that overlays the web page. This allows the user to view the document without leaving the web page she is viewing.

size container
This method presents the PDF like a landscape presentation using the Slides view user interface.
This is the default display version of the plugin.

New Adobe PDF WordPress Plugin Significantly Improves User ExperienceScreenshot of size container

Inline display
This embed option displays a PDF within the content of a web page post or page, fits within the page, and displays all PDF pages at once.

New Adobe PDF WordPress Plugin Significantly Improves User Experience

full window
Matches the parent element (the containing container). In this mode, annotation tools are available and you can navigate using thumbnails. This is the difference between full window mode and sized container mode.

How to use the plugin

The WordPress plugin makes it easy for publishers to achieve features previously only available to developers who had to write code to take advantage of the Adobe PDF API.

With this plugin, you don’t need to write any special code, just install the plugin and start working within the Gutenberg block editor interface.

According to the official announcement:

“The PDF Embed API allows you to control PDF size and position, viewing experience, hook into powerful integration APIs to handle events, and provide detailed analytics.

The PDF Embed API has always been available to WordPress developers willing to write a little code, but today we are happy to announce the release of a new plugin that makes working with the API even easier.

The Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer Plugin simplifies plugin installation, customization, and use, making it easy for site administrators of all levels to add PDFs to their site. ”

Before using the new WordPress plugin, you need to sign up for free Adobe PDF Embed API Credentials.

The official Adobe PDF Embed API documentation page has a link titled Get Credentials.

New Adobe PDF WordPress Plugin Significantly Improves User Experiencescreenshot by author

Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer for WordPress

There are other PDF embedding plugins for WordPress, but Adobe’s version requires a paid premium version to unlock the free full page mode and other options.

Read Adobe’s announcement:

Adobe PDF Embed API Now Available as a WordPress Plugin

Download the official Adobe WordPress plugin.

Adobe embedded PDF viewer


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