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Maison Margiela has announced a new e-commerce website offering a cutting-edge transformation of the online shopping experience. Maison creative director John Galliano has used his magic with SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight and design agency International to recreate an innovative new digital space.

The modernized platform aims to offer an exciting virtual shopping experience away from traditional and contrived e-commerce strategies, translating the depth, soul and poetry from runway shows. The online store represents an instant connection point between the Maison and its customers, serving 45 countries around the world.

Moving away from the traditional purpose of e-commerce, the new website aims to recreate the physical in-store experience by showcasing the brand’s offerings in a dynamic way while maintaining the essence of the Maison. . The platform also serves as an interactive learning hub for visitors to the home and its practices.

By reimagining the idea of ​​online shopping, Maison Margiela takes the digital ambition inherent in Galliano’s practice at the luxury Maison one step further. In his statement, Knight said, “We believe e-commerce is today’s most exciting fashion frontier and where our creative energies should now be focused.”

Styled by Tom Guinness and lensed by photographer Britt Lloyd, each digital store design is presented in multiple rotating and moving stills to showcase the person from different angles. A unique campaign image depicts the muse flowing through a cloud-filled backdrop, revealing the Maison’s Margiela fresh visual language and his DNA for the brand.

Visitors can scroll through freeze-framed images and videos showcasing the garment manufacturing process to discover an exclusive haute couture, ready-to-wear, pre-collection and ‘icon’ range. Each garment and accessory is featured with an imperfect frame thumbnail and additional static detail shots, all in line with Galliano’s new vision.

Visit the brand new website and read about the collaboration between MM6 Maison Margiela and Salomon while you’re here.


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