Newspaper headlines: ‘Starmer backs attack ad’ and ‘coronation details’

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Monday’s papers have a mix of leads, including follow ups on a controversial attack ad campaign by the Labour Party on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. An advert on social media by the party last week said the prime minister did not believe “adults convicted of sexually assaulting children” should go to prison. The Times’ front page reports Labour is planning more “provocative and aggressive” adverts, blaming Mr Sunak “for crashing the economy and for soaring mortgage and council tax rates”. The paper claims to have seen new ads set to be released this week, and quotes an ally of Keir Starmer as saying “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Like most of the other papers, the Times also carries a full-length picture of the Princess of Wales dressed in blue with her son Prince Louis, taking part in the Easter Sunday celebrations.


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