‘No Empowerment’ About Cheap Fake Abortion Drugs

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If you discover that a prescription drug with potentially serious side effects is being sold illegally online with false advertising to keep it from being taken down, what should you do?

Pretty bad, isn’t it? Appropriate reactions include shock, surprise, fear, confusion, resentment… a myriad of emotions. It’s also completely understandable that you would want your listing removed and the person listing your product banned.

This is what is happening with abortion drugs.

never mind what women can do already Buying illegally or circumventing the law from “reputable” “women’s rights” dealers like Aid Access or Plan C. pills.

not to worry Facebook abortion drug dealers Even while APR services are prohibited from posting advertisements or content, they can still promote illegal services.

eBay is now a marketplace for illegal abortion pills that are far cheaper than getting them from abortion providers.

Tweet this: Never mind Facebook abortion pills distributors can advertise illegal services – now eBay is an illegal abortion pills outlet

of daily mail There was an exclusive story showing evidence that eBay had a listing of abortion pills on the site.

The pill was advertised as a “pregnancy kit” because eBay does not allow prescription drugs to be sold on its website.

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The pills mostly come from Indian manufacturers and/or shippers and cost as little as $20.

Moreover, these “kits” likely contained both mifepristone and misoprostol. These make up abortion drug prescriptions in the United States.

Dr. Robert Fuller, an OB-GYN at the University of Virginia, and Dr. Sachiko Ozawa, Associate Professor of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Fuller warned: “When obtaining these medicines from other sources, great care must be taken to avoid obtaining counterfeit medicines, some of which do not contain safe ingredients.”

Dr. Ozawa pointed out that buying abortion pills in this way means that the women did not receive any counseling before taking the drugs.

As such, women will not be able to reach out to their doctors or other health care providers if they have questions about dosage, timing of doses, or any side effects they may begin to experience later.

Abortion should empower women, according to activists who support the choice.

But there is nothing empowering about getting drugs cheap. could seriously harm you.

There is nothing empowering about being able to get a drug that could kill your child and not contacting a doctor at the time. Your own life or health may be at risk.

There is no empowerment in not having the correct instructions for taking prescription drugs and having no way of knowing if what you get is what you think you purchased.

Worse, with such illegal listings, women are not only at risk of taking the wrong medications or wrong doses, but also when things are going too badly or they have an ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes we take drugs and end up putting ourselves at risk…life and health.

And there are no safeguards to prevent From male partners buying pills to yourself Slipping into my pregnant partner.

Abortion drug distributors profit from the fear, shame and socioeconomic situation of women. Distributors of abortion drugs also profit from the behavior of abusive men.

This situation is not empowering for women and is dangerous for women and their unborn children.

Pregnancy Assistance Movement is here to help women understand they are pregnant genuine article Optional – Includes obtaining factual information about abortion procedures and side effects, state law.

A woman seeking an abortion because she doesn’t know how to support another child, a woman trying to sever her earthly bond with an abusive boyfriend, a college girl worried about not being able to finish school, or her Please keep my scholarship. We are here for those women.

And for women who regret taking abortion pills, we are here for you.Contact the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network hotline We will do everything in our power to help you save your child and have a healthy pregnancy.

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International maintains the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and Pregnancy Help News.


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