Oscar’s terrible obsession with Ozempic and ‘The Whale’

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Having lived the first 20 years of my life as a skinny person, I know it would be dishonest to say my size means nothing. The judgment handed down on Oscar night reminded me of interactions I had with his coffee shop and friends of friends. I don’t know if someone will look at my fatness with pity, welcome my bravery just by existing, or try to avoid me out of disgust. , you may not be able to put yourself out there. So I withdraw into the internet where no one knows how much space I occupy. But people online still talk about bodies like mine. They just don’t know what I’m listening to.

There are posts mocking celebrities for not choosing “compliments” for every TikToker who wears what she wants. Even her media personality, who is usually careful with her wording, considers it acceptable to accuse Mindy Kaling of using her Ozempic. least of her crimes (against pop culture) under the guise of blaming celebrities for not accepting their natural body size. You just contribute more to diet culture by giving people a free pass to.

The resentment and ridicule of wealthy celebrities choosing to slim down comes from the perception that they chose the easy road. Stars like Oprah Winfrey, Adele and Rebel Wilson know As you can see, losing weight can overtake your brand and be the subject of headlines for the rest of your life.

Much of society’s hatred of fat people we are lazy Therefore, it does not deserve much respect. Women are expected to strive to optimize their bodies as much as possible while making the optimization look authentic and effortless so as not to be accused of cutting corners.

If you lose weight too fast, people will think you’re not doing what you deserve. Weekly Shot provoke misery Diabetes medicine is too cheap. Using Ozempic is cheating and will be ridiculed with the same enthusiasm we reserve. nepo baby We feel that we have made an unfair career advancement.

in the pharmacy report a Serious Shortage of Ozempic For patients who need it as a treatment for diabetes, people are judged to use it only to lose weight. those who can afford the drug are likely to use the same logic to justify its use. And we make them feel needed.

At this rate, I hate getting fat and I hate losing weight. It’s a contradictory and meaningless thought pattern.


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