Our most comfortable mouse ever is 3D printed to fit your hand

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A comfortable, ergonomic mouse is essential for hardcore and professional gamers, and equally important for workers and creatives who spend hours on the mouse. now, A company called Formify takes the snug form factor to the next level with a 3D printed mouse customized to fit your individual hand.

First, if you send a photo of your hand with your palm facing up and your fingers slightly spread, the company will use AI to analyze it and record the shape and size of your hand, as well as the width and length of your fingers. The mouse is molded and crafted from the same hand data and uses HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technology to build the mouse. Basically, resin powder is made into a thin layer and then heat-treated and laminated. The user can also choose from his 5 different grip textures which are added during the process.


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