Parents share tips for getting kids to sleep on Christmas Eve.

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More than one-fifth (21%) of children say Santa can’t come down the chimney until he’s asleep.

A poll of 2,000 parents with children ages 3 to 12 found another 13% warned they were still watching to make sure ‘The Elf on the Shelf’ was delivered by midnight. doing.

17% will read a Christmas story to their children on December 24th.

However, 51% of parents believe their children won’t be able to sleep on Christmas Eve. This is because they are too excited to open presents, want to see Santa, or look forward to celebratory food.

It also revealed that a third of children are worried that Santa won’t find them if they leave their homes on Christmas Eve.

This study was commissioned by Premier Inn, which created a special hotel keycard and door hanger for Santa so kids can rest easy even if they spend Christmas Eve away from home.

Santa’s Sleigh will also have its own special reserved space just outside the hotel parking lot on Christmas Eve.

A spokesperson for the hotel chain said:

“On the most important night of the year, we do everything we can to reassure our children that nothing interferes between them and their presents, including a special Santa key. I am happy to

“While it is exciting to go out at Christmas to see family and friends, we know that no matter where you are, it is very important to honor the traditions and rituals of Christmas Eve.

“Of course, like all our guests around the world, we want Santa’s visit to be as easy as possible, even if it’s only for a short time, so we’ve prepared a few things for him.

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retire your little one

The study also found that they spend the season elsewhere, with 34% of children not caring where they spend Christmas, but 39% who actively prefer to be outside. .

To reassure children, 40% of parents send Santa a corrected address, and 33% look up local traditions when traveling further afield.

Nearly a tenth (8%) bring special signs wherever they go to help them know where Santa and his reindeer will land.

38% ensure that children play actively throughout Christmas Eve.

According to OnePoll, 1 in 3 kids limit the amount of sweet treats to avoid a nighttime sugar rush.

Premier Inn worked with Gentle Baby & Child Sleep Consultant Andrea Grace to create a few tips to help parents drop their kids off for the big night.

she said:

“It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a child on December 24th and keep the magic alive while making sure everyone gets enough rest to enjoy Christmas Day.

“It’s hard to get kids to go to bed at a reasonable time without the excitement of waking up with presents the next day.

“Instead of getting annoyed or threatening that Santa won’t come, create a calm atmosphere and reassure him that he will go to sleep and relax.

‘If you still can’t fall asleep, read a book or make yourself a hot drink and let yourself nod naturally.

“For many children, it’s the most exciting night of the year, and it’s no wonder they struggle to drop out.

“For a restful night, it’s essential to plan ahead to make sure you’re ready to help your child sleep.

“Avoiding sugary foods, getting plenty of sun exposure and following a routine are key factors in ensuring everyone is getting enough sleep before a big event.

“And Christmas day will be a very busy day for you, so don’t forget to go to bed early.”

Sleep expert Andrea Grace shares tips to help kids fall asleep on Christmas Eve

  1. If you are going out, bring home familiar items related to sleep.
  2. Sun exposure helps your child’s body clock to sleep at night. Encourage your child to play outside or go for a walk on Christmas Eve.
  3. Keep your child’s bedroom as dark as possible.
  4. A warm drink at bedtime can help your child calm down. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps you sleep. Cheese, tuna, and turkey are also rich in tryptophan.
  5. Avoid sweets and carbonated drinks. Sugar can cause sleep disturbances in children and make it difficult to fall asleep at night.
  6. All screens should be turned off at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Screen exposure negatively affects sleep.
  7. Spend a few precious “golden time” minutes snuggling together, reading a book, or chatting about Christmas before starting your bedtime routine.
  8. Don’t put your child to bed too early on Christmas Eve, especially if you’re traveling during the day and were sleeping during the trip.
  9. Likewise, don’t let your child get too tired. This can lead to elevated cortisol levels, difficulty sleeping, and early morning awakenings.
  10. You should follow the same bedtime routine. The routine should begin approximately 30 minutes before your child goes to bed.
  11. A warm bath is thought to increase the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
  12. Deep stretching in your child’s bedtime routine, ideally after a bath, will support their sensory needs and help calm them down when they get too excited.
  13. Christmas picture books can be used to complete your bedtime routine. This creates a calm and special atmosphere.
  14. Don’t let them bring their screen device to bed as a distraction. They wake up more when they have a distracting screen device.
  15. Have older children close their eyes and mentally create a list of 10 Christmas items. Instead of trying to sleep, you will be able to focus on the present.
  16. For younger children, it’s a good idea to leave soft audio Christmas stories for them to enjoy as they drift away. This may need to keep playing on a loop and at a low volume all night long so you don’t feel like you’re missing something when you wake up naturally.

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