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Dallas, February 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pariveda Solutions, Inc., a leading consulting firm that specializes in solving complex business and technology problems, has announced the appointment of its Board of Directors. Margaret Rogers as CEO. Rogers most recently led his Delivery Excellence team at Pariveda and has been passionate about his many operational and customer facing roles at Pariveda over the past eight years. As CEO, Rogers will report to the Board of Directors of Paliveda. Succession planning will begin immediately upon the appointment of the Board of Directors. Rogers’ effective start date as CEO is mid-2023.

Margaret Rogers

Margaret Rogers

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pariveda Ed Fixes “We have been planning a new CEO succession for several years, Margaret Rogers It is based on a variety of factors, including our strong vision, our alignment with our mission and values, and our ability to enhance our culture.we are grateful Bruce Barenzi Founded Pariveda in 2003 and led the company for 20 years, maintaining the purpose and mission of developing people to their highest potential by solving their clients’ most pressing business and technology problems. , thank you for growing sharply. ”

I am honored, humbled and grateful to have been chosen to lead the Pariveda and continue my journey together. ” Margaret Rogers Said. “Pariveda puts people at the center of its business model by growing towards their highest potential. This benefits clients through high value delivery. Uniquely qualified to solve the most complex and chaotic problems our clients will face in the years to come. We will continue to diversify our offerings through innovative people, partners and customers.”

“We are delighted that our board of directors has chosen Margaret as our new CEO and strengthened our human-centric culture. Bruce Barenzi, founder and outgoing CEO of Paris Veda. “We look forward to Margaret’s people-first, people-centered approach to leadership. Margaret is a phenomenal executive leader who brings tremendous value to our organization from her first day as CEO.”

Barenzi will remain at Pariveda in various supporting roles, including directorship. Rogers and Barenzi will work together over the coming months to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Margaret Rogers is available for interviews regarding CEO replacement (for all media requests, please contact

almost Margaret Rogers
Before, Margaret Rogers He led Pariveda’s company-wide delivery excellence team. Rogers also led Paliveda’s New York office as managing vice president, and held several other operational roles during his first eight years with Rogers. Rogers has over 25 years of experience in digital consulting services, customer experience and is passionate about leading organizations through digital transformation. Prior to joining Pariveda, Rogers worked in various digital companies, where he led transformation, user research, new product design, and building products for clients. Rogers’ experience spans non-profit, retail, media/telecom, automotive, gaming, manufacturing, and translating applications for other industries. Rogers also founded a consulting services firm focused on web design and content management.

About Paliveda Solutions
Founded in 2003 Bruce Barenzi, Paris Veda, is a consulting firm that solves complex business and technology problems through a human-centric focus on the client’s mission. As an employee-owned company, our employees are naturally curious and used to complexity. We invest in helping our customers identify, design and develop custom technology and business solutions to help their organizations succeed now and into the future.Head office location Dallas, Texaswe live and work in major cities around the world North AmericaTo learn more about how we develop custom solutions to help your organization succeed, visit our website

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