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It’s that time of year again. MIDiA conducts its annual global survey of music creators. If you are a music creator (artist, songwriter, producer, etc.), whether you are independent, signed to a label or publisher, or have never released music, we would love to hear from you. doing.

The study explores issues such as revenue sources, marketing, industry challenges, music production, and spending. In short, it sums up what music creators should be in 2023. What is your reason for participating? All creators who respond to the survey will be provided with an Excel and slide deck summarizing the results of the entire survey. This allows you to compare your career to your peers and learn how they are building their careers.

As with all MIDiA surveys, the results are treated strictly confidential. That’s why we only report the total responses for the entire survey, so no one else can see your responses.

You can answer the survey here. It should take less than 10 minutes. And of course, feel free to share it with other creators who might be interested in using it and seeing the results.

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