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Singapore, January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — dappOS today announced it has partnered with decentralized spot and perpetual exchange GMX to deliver a seamless user experience powered by the dappOS Web3 operating protocol. This collaboration will lower the barriers for users to access his DeFi capabilities of his GMX on his Arbitrum and Avalanche blockchains.


Darren Mayberrythe dappOS ecosystem lead, share their views on this new product launch. “GMX empowers users by enabling them to benefit from low swap fees and zero price impact trading when leveraging trading and market making through GLP. By simplifying and making DeFi intuitive, allowing users to seamlessly access GMX cross-chain, together we deliver on Web3’s promise of truly democratic decentralized finance. .”

Introducing GMX

GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trading, allowing unauthorized leveraged trading. Trading is backed by GLP, our own multi-asset pool. GLP earns liquidity provider fees from market making, swap fees and leveraged trading.

The exchange will offer services on the Avalanche blockchain and Arbitrum Layer-2. GMX users can trade, hedge and earn yields by providing liquidity to major tokens including ethereum, BTC, AVAX, UNI, LINK. Dynamic pricing is supported by Chainlink oracles and price aggregation from major volume exchanges.

GMX became Arbitrum’s top dApp by TVL last year and the leading perpetual exchange for trading volume of ethereum Beyond Layer 2 $80 billion,Current December 2022. Additional $18.4 billion Trading volume is powered by the Avalanche blockchain with over 22,400 users trading on GMX.

GMX contracts are audited. Audit reports can be found here:

GMX details:

website Moderate twitter telegram discord

What is dappOS

dappOS is a Web3 operating protocol. dappOS enhances the Web3 user experience, making it as smooth as using the mobile her app users are familiar with. This allows users to overcome the usual hurdles such as setting up a Web3 wallet, purchasing gas tokens, and bridge tokens from one blockchain to another. dappOS was also selected to participate in Binance’s incubation program Season5.

dappOS focuses on solving complex problems behind the scenes. Its innovative solutions can simplify dApps workflows and provide the same seamless user experience to users across chains. For example, a user on the A chain can use her dApp on the B chain through the same user interface as on the A chain. In this way, dApps can be used seamlessly across chains without incurring unique gas fees per chain.

dappOS details:

website twitter telegram discord audit

Experience the product as a first user and gain more opportunities

dappOS and GMX have jointly developed a series of campaigns for the launch of this exciting product, featuring a new referral program with an added 20% bonus (more details coming soon).

For more information on announcements and campaigns, please visit their respective Twitter accounts.

Accessing GMX deployed on Avalanche from a BSC wallet is already supported. Check out our products now by visiting the following link.

Development roadmap planned for February

– Support buy/sell/stake GLP/GMX

– support ethereum wallet

The dappOS interface is built using the GMX interface from GMX’s github, which is not always the latest version of the interface.



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